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5 ways ProspectSoft eCommerce can reduce your website admin

By Victoria Dyke on Fri 14 November 2014 in Web & eCommerce

A really good eCommerce site is fast becoming a must-have for any business. B2B customers want to place their orders on a professional looking, efficient online ordering portal.

They expect consistent pricing, product details and payment options whether face to face, on the phone or over the web. If they get 60 days credit and a 20% discount over the phone, they won’t use your site unless the terms are as good (or slightly better) online.

At our latest best practice event we looked at how you can offer your customers the same experience online as if they had called you, making it easy for them to place orders 24/7…

  1. Provide key individual account details online
    ProspectSoft ecommerce extends and updates core customer information to your website (eg. Special pricing, credit limits, order history, price points, volume discounts) making it easy for them to order online.
  2. Display up to date stock availability
    Product and stock information is updated to your website in almost real time, keeping your customers up to date, without manual changes to your website.
  3. Manage product information in one place
    Add new products, website friendly descriptions, format images and manage your product tree all in one place, reducing the time spent on website admin
  4. Directly confirm orders into your accounts solution
    Eliminate time consuming, error prone re-keying and free up staff time to focus on proactive customer care by confirming orders directly into your accounts solution from your website.
  5. Make it easy to place orders on the go
    ProspectSoft eCommerce sites offer responsive designs that look great on mobile devices, making it easy for you customers to use and place orders whenever and wherever they want.

If you are looking at selling your products online then integrating with your accounts solution is essential. Deploying an eCommerce site should clearly result in a genuine reduction in processing costs, allowing you to run a more efficient business.

A ProspectSoft eCommerce site can reduce your telephone answering or field-sales bottle-neck, and eliminate the admin time spent rekeying product details, resizing images and rekeying orders into your accounts solution. All of which frees up staff time to focus on proactive sales and customer care. Your customers will notice the difference.