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4 simple steps to generate more leads from your website

By Francesca Firth on Wed 04 June 2014 in Web & eCommerce

98% of all companies have a website but only 5% of website visitors will ever actually contact you. 

If you want to start using your site as a lead generation tool, then enhancing your sales and marketing strategy with web analytics is the place to begin. Our 4 simple steps  should help get you started:

Step 1: Analyse your website data

Discovering your most popular pages, the demographics of your visitors and by what method visitors are landing on your site can provide you with a wealth of valuable and actionable insights. For example, knowing one of your blogs is receiving a lot of page visits gives you a perfect message to push out to your audience through other marketing activities. This type of message is likely to generate higher results. Demographics will also tell you the industries that are visiting your site, again giving you the opportunity to tailor your messages to your target market. And finally, understanding the method by which they are visiting will tell you what area of marketing to invest in. Are your email marketing campaigns or SEO efforts generating more visitors to your website?

Step 2: Score your pages

Once you have monitored and investigated how your visitors engage with content you can start to identify which of your pages are key to the sales processes. A page scoring system will help you allocate bands of scoring pages based on the type of message they carry. For example, product and pricing pages would score higher as visitors to those pages are clearly further into their buying process than those who are just reading your blogs. As visitors travel through your website they will build up their own individual score and identify themselves to you as an opportunity once they hit your key sales pages.

Step 3: Identify who your visitors are

Your web analytics data can provide you with a lot of really useful information about who is on your site and their behaviour. Following their journey through your site and identifying the pages they visit the most through using IP lookup technology can provide you with a valuable profile of your visitor. As well as what they are interested and even indicating what stage of the buying process they are at. From this your sales team, can make more informed and professional follow-ups.

Step 4: Action your leads

All of the information gathered through your web analytics suite gives your sales team the knowledge they need to turn your site visitors into customers and to increase your websites lead conversion rate. Use automatic alerts to identify ‘hot’ leads that are scoring highly on your site or that are hitting your key sales pages.

If you would like to know more about how your sales process can benefit from the incorporation of web analytics or would like to carry out a free trial of ProspectWOW analytics call 01494 486 301 to speak to one of our experts.