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By ProspectSoft on Tue 15 December 2020 in Terms

Our Bugs Policy outlines what a bug is, how to report them and our prioritisation of bug fixes...

What is a Bug?

According to Wikipedia, "A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.".

No software is completely bug free, but we do our best to:

a. Make sure they don’t happen in the first place
b. Make sure we identify bugs as soon as possible
c. Fix bugs and provide workarounds to customers as soon as possible

If you are having a problem in one of our applications that is creating an unexpected or incorrect result, it could be caused by a bug.

How to Report Bugs

If you think you have encountered a bug in the core software you can report this to our Support Team who will log a ticket for you. They will investigate the issue for a root cause, offer workarounds to the issue if possible and log a bug for you if they find one.

Not a Bug?

If you want to suggest an improvement to our software or suggest a new feature, you can do this yourself by heading to the Ideas Portal. Here, you can log new ideas with us and vote on existing feature requests you want to see. If your idea gets enough votes you may well see it in a future version.

When will a Bug be Fixed?

ProspectSoft release a new version of the core 365 applications (the CRM, login system and integrations) every three weeks. These releases include bug fixes and new features that are planned by the Product Team. From the point that a bug is accepted into a release by the Product Team, it can take approximately six weeks for that version to become available to Prospect CRM customers (planning, coding, testing, and phased customer updates).

At ProspectSoft, we work on bug fixes in priority order. 

Critical Fix
An example of a Critical bug is when the CRM system is unavailable or unusable, and as a result, users cannot perform their job function. Critical bugs have no workaround. Critical bugs are investigated immediately by the Development and Operations Teams, and in such cases, Critical Fixes will take priority over scheduled work.

Non-Critical Fix 
A feature that is not working as expected, but not creating downtime, is classed as a non-critical bug. Non-critical bugs will be reviewed by the Product Team and a fix will be scheduled into an upcoming release.

Will Not Fix 
Although we would love to fix everything straight away, we cannot guarantee that a bug will be worked on immediately unless it is classified as Critical (see above). Furthermore, it is not always feasible or viable to fix every issue in our software. Some bugs will be marked as “Will Not Fix” if they are not deemed a priority, are caused by issues beyond our control, and/or have a usable workaround.

What about non-core, bespoke, 3rd party, or custom applications & extensions?

The above policy refers to bugs in our core applications. This includes our CRM app, eCommerce and CMS platform, our login system, and standard integrations to third party products.  

The above policy does not cover bugs or issues with third party applications, or even third party APIs that our standard integrations rely upon. It also doesn't include changes or fixes to any form of custom or bespoke software, extensions or configuration (including but not exclusively custom or bespoke code that we or any third party have written on your behalf or to your requirements or specification, custom reports, integrations including integrations via third party applications such as Zapier, etc).  All changes, whether enhancements, alterations or bug fixes to bespoke code or bespoke configurations are undertaken under our consulting services terms and conditions. Bugs in third party applications should be reported to the appropriate product vendor.

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