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The #1 Stock-Aware CRM & sales platform for QuickBooks Online

Produce quotes & orders with ease

With Prospect, your customer facing staff can produce quotations and sales orders using all your QuickBooks Online information, and confirm orders directly into QuickBooks Online with a click of a button.

A centralised view for your whole team

Pull together all customer information in a single, consolidated view through integration with QuickBooks Online and use it for all touchpoints of the Sales cycle.

Eliminate rekeying of orders

By connecting QuickBooks Online with Prospect CRM, you can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone rekeying, allowing your sales team to spend more time selling from our CRM for QuickBooks Online.

Access customer sales history

Our CRM for QuickBooks Online takes all your customer's account information like sales history and special pricing from QuickBooks Online, empowering you and your team to offer the best possible customer service 24/7.

Key Info

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software program businesses use to manage sales and expenses and keep track of daily transactions. You can use it to invoice customers, pay bills, generate reports for planning, tax filing, and more.

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Integrating Prospect to QuickBooks Online

To set up the integration to QuickBooks Online, check out our set up guide below.

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How Prospect CRM integrates with QuickBooks Online

Watch our short video to learn more about how our integration to QuickBooks Online works.

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About QuickBooks Online

  • QuickBooks Online is a full-featured business and financial management suite complete with tools for accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, invoicing, bank account tracking and reconciliation, expense management, budgeting, payment processing, and accounts receivable and accounts payable management.
  • Being a true cloud solution, there's no need to install any software. You access QuickBooks Online straight from your internet browser on any computer or web enabled device whenever, wherever.

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