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Making the most of Stock-Aware CRM

Building Reports in Prospect 365

Points Covered:
  • How to access & use the Report Builder
  • Saving & sharing Reports
  • Standard Reports available in the CRM
  • Brief look into Power BI pipelines
25th March 2019

Setting up Sales & Problem Pipelines (Part 1)

Points Covered:
  • What pipelines are used for & why you should use them
  • Where & how to set up pipelines
  • How to use your pipelines within the CRM
28th February 2019

Reporting on Sales & Problem Pipelines (Part 2)

Points Covered:
  • Benefits of using pipelines
  • How to report on pipelines
  • Advanced pipelines with Power BI
6th March 2019

How to make the most of Office 365 & ProspectSoft Integration

Points Covered:
  • MS Office integrations for Word & Excel templates
  • Email Templates
  • Saving Emails to CRM from Outlook
  • Export Reports to Excel and further Reporting & Analysis
  • Integrated Single Sign On & Multi-Factor Authentication
27th March 2019

Email Marketing with CommuniGator & Prospect 365

Points Covered:
  • Creating a Campaign & Campaign Activity
  • Adding Contacts to the Campaign Activity using the Report Builder
  • Uploading this to CommuniGator
  • Setting up an Email & Campaign in CommuniGator
  • Display of results back in the CRM & in CommuniGator
29th May 2019

Document Management

Points Covered:
  • How to create standard template documents
  • How to add in search & replace fields
  • How to then create these within the CRM
  • How to save in external documents
  • Ability to pin documents & mark as important
26th June 2019

Prospect 365 Desktop Interface vs. Web Interface

Points Covered:
  • Access differences
  • Layout comparison
  • Speed comparison
  • Cloud benefits
  • Other notable comparisons
17th July 2019

Sales Opportunity Management to Drive Sales Growth

Points Covered:
  • Where does lead generation fit into CRM?
  • Creating a Lead under a Contact/li>
  • Use of Status & Status Detail
  • Adding Notes & Recalls
  • Lead pipeline configuration
  • Lead Statuses & Types
  • Useful Standard Sales Reports
  • Process of converting Quotes to orders
24th July 2019

Customer Service in B2B: Queries, Complaints & Problem Management

Points Covered:
  • Creating a Problem under a Contact/Lead
  • Use of Status & Status Detail
  • Customer Service Pipelines
  • Adding Notes & Recalls
  • Creation & sending of Documents
  • Useful Customer Service Standard Reports
28th August 2019

Managing your B2B Records Effectively

Points Covered:
  • Overview of the Hierarchy
  • How to create new records
  • Importance of data consistency & consequences of bad practice
  • Notes, Note Tagging & Important Notes
  • Importance of Recall list & clearing Recalls etc.
25th September 2019

Report Builder & Business Intelligence Tools

Points Covered:
  • How to access & use the Report Builder
  • Saving & sharing reports
  • Outlining any standard reports which are available in the CRM
  • In-depth look into Power BI
30th October 2019

CMS Editor (Editing your eCommerce Website)

Points Covered:
  • Articles
  • Editing your site
  • Adding/removing blocks
  • What's to come in 2020
11th December 2019

What is Stock-Aware CRM?

What is Stock-Aware CRM?

Points Covered:
  • What does it mean & who is it for?
  • Why not generic CRM?
  • What are the unique operational challenges stock businesses face today?
  • Why ERP integration is critical for sales success
  • Free Trial/demo info
27th February 2019

Getting Sales to Understand your Stock

Points Covered:
  • Ensuring the Sales team understand stock availability
  • Delivery due dates & scheduling multiple deliveries
  • Multiple warehouses & stock by warehouse
20th March 2019

Quoting & Sales Pipelines in B2B wholesale, distribution & manufacturing businesses

Points Covered:
  • Using Lead records to follow-up Sales Opportunities
  • Recording progress using Sales Pipelines
  • Providing quick & professional quotes to customers
8th May 2019

Critical Product Info your Sales Team Need

Points Covered:
  • Product details for your Sales team
  • Up-sell, cross-sell & alternate products
  • Product restrictions by customer
  • Available stock levels
14th August 2019

Fast, Accurate and Efficient Quoting & Order-taking

Points Covered:
  • How B2B sales processes differ when selling physical products from stock
  • Taking orders out in the field
  • How to create beautiful quotations for your customers using all your account system managed products
11th September 2019

Managing & Controlling Delivery Charges

Points Covered:
  • How to manage & control delivery charges
  • How to amend delivery charges
  • Using delivery charges when quoting
18th September 2019

Dealing with B2B Queries & Complaints

Points Covered:
  • Common queries & complaints in B2B selling
  • Problem tracking
  • Problem Pipelines
16th October 2019

Stock-Aware CRM for Unleashed

Points Covered:
  • Inventory Management integration with a Stock-Aware CRM
  • Quick demo of the systems integrated
  • New integration features with Unleashed
  • How to easily set up the integration & Free Trial info
13th November 2019

Stock-Aware CRM for Sage 50

Points Covered:
  • Demo of the systems integrated
  • Sage 50 customer success story
  • Free Trial & demo info
27th November 2019

Migrating from Version 6 to Prospect 365

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: Notepad & Recall Enhancements

Points Covered:
  • v6 Notepad vs. new Activity Feed
  • Tagging
  • Private vs. public notes
  • Formatting
  • Searching
  • Marking notes as important
  • Note pinning
  • General look & feel differences
5th March 2019

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: Faster Quote Generation & New Sales Orders

Points Covered:
  • How did Quotes & Orders work in v6?
  • Understanding Leads, Quotes, Sales Orders & Draft Sales Orders & when to use each transaction type
  • Creating a Quote under a Lead/Contact
  • Adding lines to a Quote
  • Creation of a Quote Document
  • Confirming the Quote
  • Brief Quote reporting
13th March 2019

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: Improved Searching Capabilities

Points Covered:
  • How searching works in v6 & its challenges
  • 365 global search
  • Accessing more records
  • Quotation search
  • Product search
  • eCommerce product searching
  • Email social searching
  • Postcode lookup
  • Custom lists & searching
  • Searching within tabs (one of the most commonly requested features by v6 users)
10th April 2019

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: Bulk Updates

Points Covered:
  • How would you update 100+ records in v6?
  • When to use bulk updates tool
  • How to make bulk updates (Account Manager, sales person, closing Leads, changing specific Statuses)
  • Where you can use it
  • Other related tools
15th May 2019

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: CSV Order Importer

Points Covered:
  • How would you process an Excel or CSV order in v6?
  • Why it’s useful
  • How to create an order by dragging & dropping a CSV file
  • Creating an order by copy & pasting from CSV file
12th June 2019

Spotlight Feature v6 vs. 365: Equipment & Contracts

Points Covered:
  • How you would have logged equipment in v6?
  • How to create an equipment item
  • How to link other records in the CRM to the equipment item
  • How to create a contract including adding items to your equipment contract
10th July 2019

The Migration Process

Points Covered:
  • A new system, not an upgrade
  • What you can migrate automatically, what’s semi-automated & what’s new
  • Getting in touch with our team to start the process
  • Pricing differences
  • Steps (checklist)
20th November 2019

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