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Airflow Developments Group

Airflow Developments Group

Airflow are a UK based company producing and selling a range of fans and ventilation systems to retail and trade customers.

"We have developed our company’s use of Prospect to create a solution that improved our processes and reduced administration time; altogether increasing efficiency."

- Paul Carpenter, Operations Director

Airflow's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

We struggled with a lack of cohesion between projects, and information was not in one centralised place which made tasks time consuming and inefficient. For example, we created quotes in word, which lead to duplications and high levels of resource to simply process an order. We needed to improve our processes to become more efficient and profitable. Our sales functions and manual admin were top of the list to review— we wanted to spend more time selling and less time on sales admin without having to hire more staff. 

The Solution

Because Prospect integrates to our Exchequer accounting system, we now have one central place to perform all our key sales processes. This has enabled us to create quotes and confirm orders with increased speed and efficiency, whilst avoiding human error and duplication. We can develop quality leads and manage them efficiently using the CRM - they are logged and processed all from one place.


ProspectSoft has a great culture. We have extremely good communications with them - both over the phone, through our attentive account manager and using the portal. The solution has helped us manage our customer and business information, it has helped us refine our processes and increased our overall efficiency. 

Key Benefits

  • Time Reduced

    Reduce time spent on manual orders and admin to increase the efficiency of the team.

  • Integration

    Back office integration means all key business data and processes are performed in one central place.

  • Lead Management

    Develop and manage quality leads in one centralised place.

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