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The team really understand and care about you and your company, and you become familiar with the employees there almost immediately because of this. Getting the CRM up and running is quick and the transition is seamless. The integration with our accounts package, Exchequer, means the process is even more painless and, once implemented, the CRM is easy to use.

We've developed our company's use of Prospect CRM to create a solution that improved our processes and reduced administration time; altogether increasing efficiency.

Lucy Woodnutt, Finance Administrator

Key Benefits

Up-to-Date Information

We've reduced time spent on manual orders and admin, increasing the efficiency of the team.

Enhanced Processes

We've seen process efficiency gains, as everything is easily managed in one central place.

More Customers

We can now market ourselves to a wider audience online effectively via email and Prospect eCommerce.

Pre-Prospect Problems

We were dealing with high volumes of miscommunication between departments. Our Account Managers were very detached from the office, and important notes such as prices and conversations were not being properly recorded and therefore not seen by the office. This meant our customers were receiving mixed and confusing messages and our customer service suffered. All in all, we had outdated processes and needed to bring all our business and customer information into a single view in order to work more efficiently and effectively.

The Solution

Having a database to manage our contacts is much more efficient. Because Prospect CRM integrates to our email marketing solution, we don’t need to manually manage unsubscribes, and can more accurately target who to email. We can then track the results of an email campaign through Prospect CRM, and since using the CRM we've seen an increase in click throughs and following links. This has led to to an increase in sales too.

The next step naturally seemed to be an online shop. We are the first branch of Forestadent to enable our customers to purchase online, which has freed up time in the office, and it’s easy for the customer to use. The integration between Prospect CRM and Prospect eCommerce means it's quick and easy to update. Directing customers to see the products online is more instantaneous, and has really helped to promote the brand as there.

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