Features Roundup: July 2018

By Jessica Heald on Wed 08 August 2018 in New Features

Our dev team have been beavering away this month releasing some Stock-Aware features in Prospect 365…

Search Speed Improved

Search speed has significantly improved, especially for products with a large stock file.

Product Range Restrictions

Users can categorise products into a range, enabling them to put restrictions on certain product groups. Users are then able to relate these product ranges to specific Contact records in the CRM. For example, you may sell certain equipment which should only be sold to approved suppliers. Please note that by default, any products which are not assigned to a product range are unrestricted (anyone can buy them).

Pack Sales

This includes quantity validation and minimum selling quantities. Great functionality for those who have customers who want e.g. x400 boxes of something but need x200 boxes to be large and x200 boxes to be small.

Add Products using CSV/TSV/Excel

Add products with ease using a .CSV, .TSV or Excel file. Please get in contact with us on 0330 0880 365 if you would like us to run through with you how to do this in bulk with an example file, but you can do this by uploading your own Excel file. 

See Order Delivery & Invoice information on Quotes

As soon as a user has confirmed a Quote, they will now be presented with a history tab which displays key information about the order including delivery and invoice details. 

Equipment Register Enhancements

Equipment contracts now include key information such as Problem records. Knowing this sort of information is ideal if, for example, you have some equipment that has had a service recently and you need to keep a log of this information.  

Bulk Updates

Users can now specify individual rows by enabling the check boxes on the left. This removes the need to filter the data to know exactly where you want to start the changes. 

Stripe Credit Card Payments

We have now introduced Stripe credit card payments. For users, this is really easy to set up and configure independently (requires Stripe account). When the credit card payment is made, you will now also see what type of payment was made. Additionally, users can now link credit card details to Contact records in CRM, so you can re-order items with ease and speed in the future. Please note that credit card details are not stored in the CRM, but instead are stored within the customer’s Stripe account (security compliant).  

Social Search Capabilities

When a user creates a new Contact in the CRM, they are now prompted to enter the email address of the contact first. From this, the search will autofill address and company details using a look up of social media platforms including LinkedIn. 

Update Quote Lines

Users can now update margin and cost mark-up on individual Quote lines. 

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