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Placement Conference 2016

By Stuart McLaren on Thu 19 May 2016 in News

Stuart McLaren speaks about SME Placements...

Sales & Marketing Director at ProspectSoft, Stuart McLaren was invited to speak at the Placenet Conference this year, with around 100 University Placement Officers attending and several other key players, Stuart's session was all about why Placements should consider a placement at an SME.

With some insight into the history of the incredibly successful placement scheme at ProspectSoft, Stuart also talked about how a placement at an SME can bring some advantages for students, in terms of the rounded view that they get of how a company operates, and the immediacy with which their actions can be turned into visible results benefiting the business. Stuart explained that students don't need to be budding entrepreneurs in order to do a placement at a small business, as the experience will serve them well in whatever sector they choose a career.

The session was well received and also meant that the ProspectSoft placement scheme will hopefully be even further up the list of suggested premium placement opportunities for many more universities around the UK.