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By ProspectSoft on Wed 23 May 2018 in Terms

Please read this policy document to learn more about the Backup Policy at ProspectSoft...

Effective 23/05/2018

This ProspectSoft Backup Policy ("Back-Up Policy") accompanies the ProspectSoft Subscription Terms and Conditions, available at or a successor URL (the "Agreement") entered into between you ("Customer") and ProspectSoft Limited ("Supplier"). Capitalized terms used in this Backup Policy that are not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

The Supplier offers backup services for the subscription services purchased pursuant to an Agreement ("Backup ") in accordance with the following guidelines:

A. The Supplier takes regular backups of customer's data.
B. Full backups are taken fortnightly with incremental backups taken daily. The last 3 full backups are retained (older full backups are permanently deleted). Incremental backups from the last full backup are retained until the next full backup is taken, at which point the incremental backups are permanently deleted.
C. Backups of customer data are made within Azure datacentres but critical customer data (CRM databases and associated CRM documents) are then subsequently offloaded to a different Azure Region or storage provider (Amazon AWS) for added redundancy.
D. The primary purpose of these backups is for disaster recovery. Customers may request a restore for reasons of restoring data lost due to user error or other user activity or the actions of third party software via the API or other integration, at a cost to the Customer, through purchase of Consultancy Services. Such requests may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Supplier. Customers are responsible for processing their data carefully and accurately – backups are not a substitute for this undertaking.
E. The Supplier may also restore backups of live data for the purpose of software testing in our QA or Development environment without additional consent from customers.

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