Prospect 365 Partners Terms of Agreement

By ProspectSoft on Fri 27 April 2018 in Terms

Our Prospect 365 Alliance Partner Terms of Agreement...

ProspectSoft and the Partner each acknowledge and agree that they will endeavour to take reasonable ongoing action to achieve a successful outcome in the Prospect 365 Partner Programme.

The partner agrees to the following starter steps:

  • Accept the Terms of Agreement on the Prospect 365 website.
  • Assign a Prospect 365 champion.
  • Host a Prospect 365 dedicated landing page on your company website that includes an active hyperlink to and complies with the ProspectSoft Brand Guidelines.

Acceptance to the Prospect 365 Partner Programme will be confirmed when the Partner completes the starter steps above. 

ProspectSoft agrees to provide:

  • Access to all the benefits of the Prospect 365 Partner Program at the specified status level, including: 
  • Access to Prospect 365 CRM Partner Edition.
    - Initial single user subscription to Prospect 365 for internal use at no cost, followed by one additional free user for every recommended paying organisation thereafter. Additional users beyond the free allocation are charged at the prevailing standard rate.  
  • Access to Partner-only information and support from the Prospect 365 Partner Enablement Team.

To maintain partnership status, the partner agrees to:

  • Actively promote Prospect 365 to clients.
  • Promote Prospect 365 on the company’s website, maintaining an active hyperlink to and adhering to the Prospect 365 Brand Guidelines including not using the name Prospect 365 in company name, product name, service offering, or URL. ProspectSoft and Prospect 365 are trademarked.

Duration of the agreement

Once the Partner Application Form has been completed, this agreement will remain until superseded or terminated by either party.

Disputes and termination of the agreement

Either party may terminate this agreement for any reason, giving notice of one month.

ProspectSoft reserves the right to accept or decline any organisation or individual applying to become a Prospect 365 Partner.

Billing & status

To qualify for pricing margin on organisations subscribed for by the Partner, the billing accounts must be paid by the individual clients via the ProspectSoft Direct Debit Mandate system. Following each successful Direct Debit collection, a self-billing invoice will be rendered by ProspectSoft in the partner’s name, covering the margin due against all standard Prospect 365 subscriptions. The Partner must nominate and advise ProspectSoft who, within their business, will be responsible for all matters relating to the billing account. Partner status is determined by the number of organisations with a live Prospect 365 subscription, whom the partner has introduced.

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