John Lewis staff helped increase online orders by 40%

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 01 September 2014 in Topical

John Lewis have just announced a 31.4% year on year increase in online orders, the success of which has been largely put down to their in-store digital terminals.

Overall sales in 2014 have also risen by 13.4% (a year to date growth of 23.3%).

So what is John Lewis doing to earn this increase in sales?

The introduction of what they are referring to as “digital terminals” in their bricks and mortar outlets are definitely playing a big part. With a 40% increase of in-store partner assisted customer transactions from the same time last year, the figures really speak for themselves.

If you have been to a John Lewis store recently, you will have seen the clearly signposted terminals directing customers to order online whilst in store. When using the terminals, you are introduced to a world of convenient and easy to use ordering – a clear differentiator for John Lewis.

John Lewis are positioning themselves as a strong multi-channel retailer, encouraging customers to shop across all channels and in doing so are increasing their overall sales.

What does this mean for you?

John Lewis are highlighting the importance of cross channel selling. Although we are all increasingly ordering online, as are our customers, we still like aspects of physical selling.

Imagine this…

Your sales rep visits one of your priority customers who isn’t placing their orders online. As they discuss required products, your rep is adding them to an online basket, logged in as the customer. Whilst adding items, your rep can show the customer images of products, their own pricing and how easy the online shop is to use. Once the order is complete your rep places the order on behalf of the customer and shows them how to log on if they wish to do so in the future.

This is multi-channel ordering – a physical sales rep, showing a customer how to order online – just like John Lewis are doing.

If you have made the move online, or are thinking how to move online in a B2B or B2C environment, you may benefit from speaking to one of our consultants about how to combine on and offline ordering.