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Building a Stock-Aware Sales Team

By Jessica Heald on Tue 03 July 2018 in Wholesale & Distribution

Building a Stock-Aware Sales Team 

Every organisation wants a high-performing Sales team, but how do you go about achieving it? 

For wholesalers or distributors who sell lots of products from stock B2B, providing the right education to your Sales team about your extensive product range is a challenge in itself. But how do you make them aware of other complexities within the business, particularly about things they could leverage in the sales process to help them close more deals? 

So, question is – what is the first step? How do you make them “better equipped” and more knowledgeable? How much is it going to cost, both in time and money to the business, to run ongoing training courses about your ever-expanding product range and ever-changing customer requirements?

Stock-Aware CRM for a Stock-Aware Sales Team

It’s evident that there are lots of questions to be answered. As such, it’d be impossible to just run a few internal training sessions, or hope that the Sales team can get access to the most up to date information on a spreadsheet from the accounts team. It’s not a future-proof, viable option when running a successful wholesale or distribution business.

So, what about CRM? Ordinary CRM has always promised to record all customer interactions, and keep track of sales opportunities. You’ve heard it all before! But for a business that sells products from stock B2B like yours, it needs to do more – much more. 

With our Stock-Aware CRM, Prospect CRM, your sales team can give your customer a price, send a quote and take an order. Plus, with quick access to a centralised system, designed for Sales to access, the team can see your customer’s full sales history, any back-orders and sort out a customer issue like an incorrect delivery, right there and then. Starting to sound more like a Stock-Aware sales team now, right?

But it doesn’t stop there. With Stock-Aware CRM, they can do even more than that. With access to better insights and intelligence on your customers buying behaviours, you enable them to adapt their sales pitch by focusing on the right customers at the right time, instead of wasting their day on those who just aren’t going to buy right now. With Prospect CRM, they could see which customers are buying more this year than last, see who’s buying less or even stopped buying with you completely; all using ERP data – just with a few clicks of a button. Now we’re really sounding like an efficient, Stock-Aware Sales team!

Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to arm the sales team with the critical customer information that will allow them to excel in their role. Depriving them of this will only make them unproductive and ill-equipped in the sales process.

Get in touch with our team today, and start building your Stock-Aware Sales team now.