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4 Signs of a Great Software Onboarding Package

By Olivia Mascarenhas on Wed 16 February 2022 in Wholesale & Distribution

So what makes a stand-out Onboarding package that is really worth your time and money? Whether onboarding is included or additional, mandatory or optional, we’ve highlighted the top 4 signs of a worth-it onboarding package. 

Investing in new software, particularly in systems that will be used companywide, is a commitment – time, effort, and of course, money. To make the system stick and to avoid customer churn, some kind of onboarding package or training programme will be offered by the software vendor (particularly with SaaS vendors). According to Profitwell, great onboarding is deemed essential to engraining the value of a product within a customer. But more often than not, these packages come at an additional cost. So, what makes a stand-out onboarding package that’s really worth your time and money?  

Whether onboarding is included or additional, mandatory or optional, we’ve highlighted the top 4 signs of a worth-it onboarding package.  

Transparent Pricing  

If a SaaS vendor isn’t being completely open about the price of their onboarding, it’s a red flag! Knowing your monthly spend and contract details for the software itself is one thing, but it’s crucial to know if you’re in for an extra onboarding cost too – particularly if the onboarding package is compulsory for all new signups. Ideally, pricing should be made available on the website, so you know it’s a fair system for every business that registers. Many per user per month models may seem enticingly cheap on the surface, with a minimal or no upfront fee, but the onboarding cost can be a shock if you don’t account for it at the start of your search. 

Visual/Structured Process 

What’s the point in knowing how much the onboarding package will be if you don’t know exactly what’s included? Understand from the vendor what you’re getting for your buck, so you can evaluate value vs. investment. A sign of a great onboarding package is one that shows you what you get (either they’ll be able to send you some documentation, or better yet, you can see for yourself on their website!). A more visual layout/illustration of the package can really help you and the rest of the team understand the level of commitment expected from you at each stage, and can even make it easier to track progress at each and every step. 

Approximate Timescales 

It’s a given that an onboarding programme should be fluid – when you’re running a business, not everything can be planned to the minute! But it’s certainly useful to have a rough timescale of when each stage is expected to happen, and how long it’s expected to last, so that you and the team know if you’re staying on track and getting the most out of the package. Knowing these timescales from the outset means you can put measures in place within the business to ensure the right people are involved at the right time. 

Continued Support 

Onboarding should provide great foundations to understanding a new system, but it’s important that the vendor can reassure you with continued success and support once the onboarding’s complete. After all, successful software adoption goes beyond the initial weeks/months! It’s normal for businesses to experience teething problems when new software is introduced, so having access to resources and support can really help mitigate these issues (and deter you from switching to something else!). 

Different vendors will offer different types of support, with some offering a mix of everything, and others opting to charge for premium support resources. Whether it be an email address to drop queries to, chat functionality (in-app or on their website), or being able to speak to a real human on the phone, it’s important to be able to get in touch one way or another. But that shouldn’t be limited to just to getting help. Being able to log enhancements/suggestions is really important, particularly if the system is being used day in, day out, or by multiple departments/teams.  
Ultimately, successful software adoption is not just about the onboarding package support, but it’s wise to dedicate some time researching into what’s on offer before committing to a software vendor. 

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