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Should B2B companies adopt eCommerce?

By Andrew Ardron on Fri 24 November 2017 in Web & eCommerce

In the consumer world, eCommerce is all around us; if we want to buy something, we can simply venture online and do so, anytime, anywhere...

ProspectSoft roadshow events draw to a close for 2017

By Jessica Heald on Thu 28 September 2017 in Topical

ProspectSoft embarked on this years’ roadshow back in March, attending several locations across the UK to discuss some of the hottest topics in eCommerce, CRM and Cloud-based solutions. As we draw the curtain on the final show, we take a look back at what happened...

Don’t make the same mistakes as these guys did…

By Katie Wright on Thu 28 September 2017 in Web & eCommerce

Disruptive change is often driven by customer change. Here are some examples of modern market disruption that we’re sure you’ll recognise…

Phablets account for 21% of smartphone sales in Q1

By Jess Heald on Mon 11 May 2015 in Topical

It was recently announced that there is a new hybrid in town taking the US smartphone market by storm – the phablet, and let’s be honest, if it’s happening there it won’t be long before we go crazy for it too. 

5 big brand mistakes to avoid

By Fiona Ness on Tue 18 November 2014 in Topical

From putting the wrong name on an email, to losing data, errors are common in business.

Is your Exchequer System helping you to win online sales?

By Andrew Ardron on Sun 21 July 2013 in Web & eCommerce

There are 2.7 billion people online; that’s almost 40% of the world’s population. With broadband costs continuing to fall, Europe has the highest penetration of high speed internet. And in Europe, mobile internet use is set to overtake fixed internet access by 2014.

Can eCommerce really replace a telesales team?

By Sophie Henderson on Mon 25 February 2013 in Web & eCommerce

This series has shown you how B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce in 2013 is set to revolutionise the way businesses trade with each other also how, by following our best practice advice, you can adequately prepare and as a result, reap the huge benefits that moving your business online can bring.

Top 10 questions to ask yourself before moving online

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 11 February 2013 in Web & eCommerce

In January we made our 2013 predictions for eCommerce (take another look here if you haven’t seen them). So…if you are currently enjoying success as a business owner in the tangible world, how can you begin to reap the benefits that moving your business online can bring?

Top 5 B2B eCommerce predictions for 2013

By Sophie Henderson on Mon 28 January 2013 in Web & eCommerce

Everybody’s talking about it, so we thought we’d give you our predictions for the New Year on how the world of B2B eCommerce is set to revolutionise the way businesses trade with each other online…

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