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Beta Valve

Beta Valve are specialists in the supply of solenoid valves for the control of water and air.

"I know we made a good choice in going with Prospect, and if I was in the same position again I would make the same choice."

- John Hewitt, Managing Director at Beta Valve

Beta Valve's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

We already had a website in place before Prospect, but it was static and provided little information about our products.
These issues caused us to rethink our current processes, and we knew we had to review our website in order to boost our online
presence. We tried different methods to better promote ourselves such as Google AdWords, PR, and attending tradeshows,
where we did have some successes, but nothing was consistently paying off. We needed a long-term solution in place that could
adapt to our business requirements.

The Solution

We now have Prospect CRM, eCommerce and Email Marketing solutions in place. It seemed like a logical progression to implement
all three as our business evolved. Most of our enquiries now come through the website, meaning we have more time to spend
elsewhere. Not only have we saved time, but we have saved money too, as our costs are much lower since implementing the
system. Customer orders are processed straight through to our back office accounting system, Exchequer , meaning there is no
error-prone re-keying through human interaction.

With Prospect eCommerce in place, we're able to make slightly more obscure products available due to how quick and easy
it is to make them appear on the site. This has meant we have not only sold our most popular products to our typical customer,
but have been able to access a slightly different market by displaying our more bespoke, unusual products too.
The Email Marketing solution has allowed us to develop qualified leads through targeted marketing campaigns based on key
customer information, and we are now utilising this even more to view results and monitor engagement levels. 


Prospect is a natural fit for us. The integration to our Exchequer account is ideal, and we have seen significant improvements in our business since implementing the system. The team are very responsive, and we can always rely on them for support.

Key Benefits

  • Integration

    This was absolutely key for us, as we have a long-standing relationship with Exchequer, our accounts provider. Implementing Prospect was therefore a natural extension of our business.

  • More products online reaching a wider audience

    We have gone from having hundreds of products on our site to thousands due to the structured process the eCommerce solution offers. It’s also enabled us to provide more information to our customers about each product, so they know exactly what they're buying.

  • Structured, efficient process

    We now have a process in place which is adapted to suit our business.

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