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Key Surgical Ltd

Key Surgical provide medical packaging for the sterilisation of instruments worldwide.

"All our business information is now stored centrally in Prospect CRM, allowing us to provide an effective service."

- Craig Lewis, Managing Director

Key Surgical's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

We had no central place to store our sales information, and were struggling with anything from finding contact details to duplicating or losing quotations. We were also holding stock that was 2 years old - it was the wrong length and we couldn’t sell it as usual stock. 

The Solution

We needed somewhere central to store information across departments. We use Exchequer for our account solution, which in the past stored all our important information. Using this information and adding to it was essential. We have since expanded the CRM to deal with our complaints procedure. We were originally dealing with incidents on a one off basis. Now, everything is stored centrally in Prospect CRM, so we can make suppliers aware of problems and provide an effective service, and we have also moved into Email Marketing with Prospect.


ProspectSoft is a friendly company who are easy to stay in touch with. Every business owner knows what their problems are, and Prospect simply help with them. 

Key Benefits

  • Time Reduced

    Spend 2/3 less time on processing credit notes due to the success of the complaints procedure.

  • Centralised data

    No longer spending hours finding information.

  • Increased Email Engagement

    Increased level of engagement with our customers through Email Marketing.

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