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Prospect CRM has changed the way we run as a business and has made the buying process easier for both customers and staff. Prospect eCommerce and our B2B trade portal integrates with our CRM and our accounts system, so all product and customer information is managed at once. This is immediately available on the web and reduces admin time. The excellent functionality available in Prospect eCommerce has helped us win new customers and has improved the quality of service for existing customers.

Our business runs on Prospect CRM and Prospect eCommerce – they're absolutely pivotal in everything we do. We often recommend Prospect, and will continue doing so.

Neil Merry, Managing Director

Key Benefits

Integrated eCommerce

Our B2B trade portal provides customers with product information and allows us to take more orders.

Greater Focus

We've freed up staff time so that they can focus on their core roles rather than admin tasks.

Trade 24/7

We've now got the flexibility to extend our trading hours and increase sales revenue.

Pre-Prospect Problems

Our team couldn't cope with the amount of enquiries regarding product availability and information. Customers contacted us by telephone and email to access information on their individual pricing, stock availability and product specifications, to name a few. This led to employees being diverted from core roles due to the unmanageable amounts of admin work. Customers also had a lack of awareness and information about new products and were limited to ordering during our opening times which were often inconvenient for them.

The Solution

Prospect eCommerce has enabled us to trade 24/7 and for customers to order when they want. Our products are clearly displayed on the website along with helpful information like stock, pricing and product details. Integrating this to our back-office system extended the level of personal service we can provide to each customer online. Customers have access to individual account information, including product purchase history, customer specific pricing and available stock - all of which is easily managed in one central place.

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