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Good Culture Kombucha

Good Culture Kombucha are a global distributor of kombucha ingredients, supplying to over 100 companies across Europe.

"Investing in Prospect and Unleashed as the backbone of my business is one of the best decisions I’ve made."

- Denis Kelleher, CEO

Good Culture Kombucha's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

Before Prospect we were using spreadsheets, and a few free CRM systems online like Insightly, but none of them fitted the bill. They weren’t integrated to Unleashed, meaning it felt like we were double handling everything. We started looking for a CRM system as the team here at Good Culture Kombucha started growing, so we needed an efficient way of sharing information within the team, whilst being able to track opportunities.

Salesforce was a cloud CRM system we considered, but they’re extremely expensive for what they do – we could be paying up to 7 times more per user for their system, and unlike Prospect, it’s not uniquely designed for Wholesalers and Distributors like our business. Prospect is a really good fit because it’s set up specifically for our type of company.

The Solution

We looked at a lot of CRM systems, some of them were extremely expensive, but Prospect was right on the mark in terms of its quality, alongside its seamless integration to Unleashed, which works really well for our business.

Over the last 12 months, since implementing Prospect, our sales have doubled. Prospect CRM has really helped us grow our business as it allows us to track and quote new opportunities and has identified exactly who our regular customers are, as well as who’s slipping away and not ordering as much. We’re also able to track customers through the whole lifecycle.

Prospect is comprehensive, user friendly, and the support that came with setting up the system has been fantastic - the team there are excellent. They also have an Ideas Portal in the system, so if you have a suggestion for a new feature, this can be logged and is reviewed by the team there.


As a small business that’s growing really fast, using apps like Unleashed, Prospect & Xero allows a lot of flexibility to change our business and grow at the rate we want to grow. If I was advising someone starting a new business, I’d say start as you plan to go on. Invest in the right systems and they’ll pay off as you grow.

Key Benefits

  • Sales Opportunity Management

    Having clear, transparent information about all of our customers means any one of us within the team can log into Prospect, work out where they are in the sales pipeline and can then help them as needed.

  • Integration

    Having Prospect and Unleashed integrated together allows the team that are producing quotes for customers to see live what’s available, what’s in stock and what they can deliver to customers today. Having Prospect and Unleashed integrated was a huge benefit for us when deciding to use Prospect.

  • Comprehensive & User Friendly

    It's easy to learn how to use the system, and the support is fantastic – anyone that we’ve spoken to at Prospect has been super helpful.

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