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Since the implementation of Prospect CRM and Unleashed, pretty much all aspects of the business have excelled. From customer service to stock levels and the volume of sales, our business has grown tremendously thanks to these best-of-breed systems. We now have the granularity that we need to grow whilst still having complete visibility into business functions.

Prospect CRM has enabled us to scale up from a small business with a very limited number of production runs to be a rapidly growing business with weekly production runs. One reason why we chose Prospect CRM and Unleashed is that they'll grow with us as our business expands. These solutions have helped us grow our revenue over 100%, and despite this rapid growth we still have full control over our business and can make clear predictions about future trends.

The day that I had the call with someone from ProspectSoft was amazing – I could see all of my data there immediately and thought: this is life changing.

Helen Lyon, CEO

Key Benefits

Unleashed Integration

Prospect CRM and Unleashed work seamlessly together, minimising rekeying whilst increasing visibility over both inventory management and customer/sales data.

Reporting & RFM Analysis

The standard reports and built-in RFM Analysis provide us with an in-depth analysis of customer trends, allowing us to make proactive decisions.

Onboarding & Support

The Onboarding process guided us through all functionality Prospect CRM has to offer, and the support continues even after the system is set up.

Pre-Prospect Problems

Before implementing Prospect CRM and Unleashed, the business was being run on Excel and from a call log with no formal CRM system in place. This was a very manual process, and as the business grew to having over 500 stockists and weekly production runs, it became impossible to manage scalably. Without a formal process in place, it was all in all a manual guessing game for when we'd next need to place orders.

Our CRM system before Prospect was a disaster. Data was hard to access and stored solely on the computers of the individual salespeople. As a result, if one of them was off ill or away, it was a nightmare trying to trace the data and there was a real lack of visibility of what was going on within the business and our customers at any time.

The Solution

We looked at a number of other CRM systems in our search, but the integration capabilities with Unleashed made Prospect CRM a clear winner. Right from the start, as soon as the system was set up, we could instantly see all our customer data and start reaping the benefits from day 1 – even in our Free Trial.

Prospect CRM has done an amazing job in helping us better communicate with our customers and understand them. In doing so, we can provide a higher quality of service. We now have a log of all communications and can analyse the data surrounding customer behaviour. A customer may buy one product or the whole range so, by analysing who buys what, we can send targeted campaigns to introduce customers to new products to increase their average order value and retain them for longer.

Prospect CRM has powerful, in-depth reporting. We can easily customise reports using RFM segmentation to get detailed information on what customers are doing, who's at risk, and who should be contacted. Having clear reports has allowed our team to better utilise their time and we can now focus on continuing to grow our business.

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