Under Control Instruments

Under Control Instruments

Under Control Instruments specialise in supplying heating and control solutions to industry. They create bespoke solutions by providing heating elements, temperature controllers and temperature sensors.

"Prospect CRM has brought everything together and has taken our customer relationships to another level. With its integration to our Inventory Management, DEAR Inventory - it's like a hand in a glove."

- Delroy Dore, CEO

Under Control Instrument's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

Before using Prospect CRM, we were creating and logging quotations manually as either Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or by physically filing them into folders that would end up here, there and everywhere. This made it very difficult to manage and remember what each customer had been quoted.

We didn’t have any formal process in place with managing our customer relationships either. It was all done manually, and having documents all over the place meant it was very hard to keep track of what other members of the team were doing and which customers had been interacted with. This posed a huge risk of duplications, and for a business of our calibre processing multiple orders daily, this just wasn’t cutting it. 

The Solution

With the business growing, we needed to change and implement a new solution that could better manage customer relationships. We trialled Prospect CRM because of its integration to DEAR, our Inventory Management system - the two systems communicate with each other like a hand in a glove, so it was the perfect fit. 

The integration between Prospect and DEAR Inventory means we can drill into the background of each of our products and get real-time insights, like if the product is profitable, how much stock we currently have, and most critically, if it’s been marked up correctly. Before, we’d unknowingly quote a price to win the business but end up making a loss. 

Prospect CRM allows us to easily keep track of all our quotes. They’re now in one centralised place where we can track exactly what’s been quoted, the estimated value and the orders placed as a result. Having all this information logged in one place means we can also upsell new products to certain customers based on their previous buying patterns.

With an effective CRM system, getting orders out is much simpler, and our customer service is enhanced. Buyers are no longer waiting for a member of our team to follow up on quotations. Instead, once the order is placed, the system automatically actions it based on the pre-configured functionality and available stock levels in DEAR Inventory, meaning orders are usually processed within the day. And, if a customer is experiencing a problem or there’s a service issue that needs to be progressed, we’re able to action this using the problem tracking feature in Prospect.
The service we’ve received from the team at ProspectSoft has been very positive too. As soon as we have any questions or queries, we send an email and get a ticket that gets responded to promptly. Many of our queries can also be easily answered through their help docs and videos, meaning we’re never left in a lurch and always have our questions answered. 


Prospect CRM has brought everything together and has taken our customer relationships to another level. If you’re a customer-centric product business using DEAR, Prospect is the best CRM for you. 

Key Benefits

  • Integration with Dear

    The two systems communicate with each other in real-time.

  • Quoting

    We can now see exactly what’s been quoted, the predicted order value, and where we’re making healthy margins.

  • Support

    The service we’ve received from ProspectSoft has been very positive, and free resources help us get quick answers too.

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