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WhiteWash Laboratories

WhiteWash Laboratories

WhiteWash Laboratories is an award-winning provider of innovative premium quality teeth whitening and oral care products.

"The fact that we now have an accounts system, a stock system and a CRM system that all link and talk to each other has made a huge difference."

- Tom Riley, Managing Director

WhiteWash Laboratories' Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

Before we started using Prospect, we were using a separate, standalone CRM system that wasn’t designed for business-to-business and didn’t link to Xero or Unleashed. Because of this disconnect, we were having to manually input lots of information.

The Solution

Prospect is designed for businesses like ours, making it really in tune with our needs. It's set up to help us deal with new opportunities and enquiries, managing them right through the sales funnel so they become a customer, but then continuing from there to secure more repeat business from them – so absolutely everything is captured. The fact that it links to both Unleashed and Xero makes it perfect for the existing systems we use. In Prospect, we’re also able to classify our different customer types easily, meaning we can have different sales funnels for each.


Since we started using Prospect CRM with Unleashed, the company has gone from strength to strength. We’ve grown significantly in the past year, with sales up by 25% and our team doubling in size. Having robust systems like Prospect on our growth journey has really helped us achieve this.

Key Benefits

  • Scalability & Growth

    Sales are up 25% and headcount has more than doubled since deploying Prospect CRM & Unleashed.

  • Focus on New Business & Customer Retention

    Prospect deals with our ever increasing number of new business enquiries, as well as helping us retain our existing customer base.

  • Sales Pipelines

    Using different pipelines allows us to manage our different customer types easily and efficiently.

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