8 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Need Integrated CRM

By Jess Heald on Tue 10 January 2017 in CRM

Time is of the essence, so you want to deliver an excellent service and close your leads. But if your current processes are holding you back, surely something has to give?

We know that as a salesperson, you need the right information at the right time at your fingertips so that you can not only do your job properly, but do it in the most efficient way possible. Time is of the essence, so you want to deliver an excellent service and close your leads. But if your current processes are holding you back, surely something has to give?

Many SMEs have really valuable customer information locked away in their accounts system that is vital for the Sales team in their day-to-day role. You might think “well, it’s not doing any harm in being there”, or may not have even realised how this information could help you. But not having access to this is likely having a negative impact on your performance as a salesperson. If any of the following sound slightly familiar, then you should be worried:

  • You’re working from static information including price lists and credit details
  • There’s miscommunication amongst your Sales team, and through the rest of the business as a result
  • You’re having to develop external quotes that need manually rekeying
  • You’re creating duplicate, out of date information
  • You’re exporting data to locally stored spreadsheets
  • Inefficient processes are time consuming and costly

All these things sound pretty frustrating for you during a sale, but think about your customers. Don’t you think it’s even more frustrating for them?

Of course, you don’t need access to everything in the accounts system, but what you do need is the elements that are relevant and helpful to you in the sales process. If you had access to this information, you’d be surprised at what you could do. We’ve come up with 8 key reasons why your Sales team need an integrated CRM system:

  1. Build quotes & orders independently whether you’re out on the road or in the office via multiple devices
  2. Manage everything in one place to be able to easily manage your sales leads in one centralised system
  3. See current stock levels/credit limits to better inform customers in real time
  4. Easily pass/assign leads to your team without worrying if they have the right information
  5. See your customer’s full sales history & special pricing to allow you to identify customer’s buying patterns and give a personalised service
  6. Be one step ahead of your customers by being equipped with the right, up to date information during a sale
  7. Pro-actively cross sell your products and services at the right time and exceed your customer’s expectations
  8. Build customer rapport by providing an enhanced after sales service

By integrating your business and customer information into a single view you’ll create a more efficient sales process. The valuable customer information locked away, just sitting there in your accounting system could actually benefit your Sales team, no matter where they are, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Why not take a look at an integrated CRM story for yourself and see how an integrated platform could help a business like yours?

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