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5 ways ProspectSoft CRM can make you more efficient

By Victoria Dyke on Fri 14 November 2014 in CRM

To stay competitive in business today we often need to find ways to improve communications, provide staff with more valuable information and reduce our admin and costs.

All things that make us more efficient so we can spend more time on effective, profit making activities.

At our latest best practice we looked at how you can bring customer and business information into a single view to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business…

  1. Maintain a single source of customer data
    Consolidating your business and customer information into one single view will streamline your business processes helping you run your business more efficiently. You will notice the difference, from lead follow-up to order taking; making better use of employee time.
  2. Equip your team to provide effective customer service
    ProspectSoft CRM is accessible in the office and on the road, and will equip your sales team with up to date, valuable customer information from your accounts solution, enabling them to provide an informed and professional service to customers.
  3. Generate quotes effortlessly
    When generating quotes, product and pricing information (including special pricing options) can be taken directly from your accounts solution. ProspectSoft CRM allows the user to see current stock levels, sales history, product groupings and pricing, customer on-stop details and credit ratings.
  4. Directly confirm orders into your accounts solution
    ProspectSoft CRM’s accounts integration eliminates the need for time consuming, error prone re-keying of data and instead offers the ability to directly confirm orders into your accounts solution.
  5. Improve reporting and forecasting
    Moving away from multiple spreadsheets containing out of date data and enabling your staff to access and update core customer information in a user friendly format will produce accurate business reporting.

CRM solutions are good at collecting and sharing customer information between managers and departments with the aim to improve communications and service. The difference with ProspectSoft CRM is that it also understands you have staff and data that fall outside the reach of most CRM. Information and processes that are critical to good customer service and effective sales and marketing. Information that is typically stored in your accounts solution.

ProspectSoft CRM provides your staff with an up to date and integrated view of information and processes which will reduce the time spent on admin, saving you time and money, as well as providing your customers with an informed service.

CRM without deep, out of the box integration only gives you half of the story – if you are a customer of Access Dimensions, Exchequer Pegasus Opera or Sage 50, then using ProspectSoft CRM will combine extensive CRM & accounting information for a much more powerful insight. Your customers will notice a difference.