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3 ways to get your reps selling more

By Victoria Dyke on Tue 22 July 2014 in CRM

As I began to research the ‘struggles of a sales rep’, a few typical problems quickly became clear.

A common complaint is that marketing teams often send unqualified leads to their sales teams (73% to be precise). Sales are then reportedly spending, on average, 80% of their day on non-revenue generating activities, frustrating for them when they want to be selling! To add to the confusion, almost half of companies report that their sales reps struggle to identify which accounts are a priority. Then, when they finally get in front of the customer, they often don’t have all relevant information to hand.

So what can be done to get your reps selling more?

  1. Bridge the gap between lead generation and sales. The tools available now can help marketing qualify leads at the right stage in their buying cycle before sending them to sales.
  2. Store all key contacts, pricing and communications in one place. This way your reps will have relevant information such as previous purchases and credit limits to hand and will provide an informed, professional service to your customers.
  3. Monitor and track opportunities at every stage in the buying process. Make sure your sales reps are proactive in reporting their follow ups and ensure they are prioritizing prospects and customers based on purchase history and potential.

This year, it was reported that 84% of companies had a lead scoring system in place to help determine the quality of their opportunities, ultimately bringing sales and marketing information into a single view. Integrating this valuable data with core customer information stored in your accounting system, can help enhance the professionalism of your sales team and offer an informed customer service.

ProspectSoft CRM integrates with Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 accounting systems, helping office staff and sales reps use business information more efficiently to target, take orders and provide individualised customer service; all in a user-friendly format. While ProspectSoft eCommerce provides customers with up to date pricing and account information online.