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SEO Part 3: Getting the foundations right and developing your architecture

By Francesca Firth on Mon 03 March 2014 in Web & eCommerce

SEO can be broken down into 2 main categories, on and off site...

On site SEO is all about what you put into your page such as the page architecture, HTML, and the content of your site. Offsite SEO deals with the external tools that point to and from your website.

Google spiders, much like your target audience, do not want to be searching through pages of content just to find the relevant information. Make sure that your pages are in a clear order with well labelled links.

Google spiders hate cats. Copycats that is. Google will penalise you for duplicating content from its own, or other sites.

Rewording content will not help this, spun content will also have negative effects on your ranking so make sure you have made your point clearly and that your content is fresh and interesting.

Page loading times are increasingly important for SEO. There are a number of ways to keep page loading times down including image compression & optimisation. How your site is hosted will also have a significant impact on your page loading speed.

You cannot escape the growth of mobile internet. Google will award higher rankings to websites with responsive functionality allowing them to be seen and used on a variety of devices.

HTML is very important. The ProspectSoft SEO guide developed by our eCommerce experts explains how you can incorporate SEO into your existing coding using our CMS solution

Structured data
Google has recently asked websites to start identifying their own key points of information, rather than asking the spiders to gather everything. Google offer increasing help for website managers to identify their own key information using rich snippets, all of which suggest that it will be of growing importance in the future.

Google’s structured data tool allows you to easily select the key information from your site to be displayed directly in Google’s search results as a rich snippet. This is particularly effective for events and products, and will dramatically improve your rankings.

Google authorship is fairly new in terms of SEO. It simply allows website authors to link their Google+ account to their blog posts. This means google starts to recognise authors as experts in the subjects that they write about, and more obviously generates a picture next to the search results giving them more space on the page and making them more eye-catching.

We have developed a step-by-step how to guide for ProspectSoft CMS users which explains more aspects of SEO and the ways in which our solution can facilitate SEO enhancement. Give us a call on 01494 486 300 to get your copy.