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Does your CRM still meet your business needs?

By Hanna Woodward on Thu 19 December 2013 in CRM

Evolution, the change in characteristics of a population through a historical process. 

Evolution, the change in characteristics of a population through a historical process. Or, survival of the fittest. Like life, all businesses evolve, or must evolve in order to stay competitive. To an SME competition is a big topic, as you operate in an industry where your competitors are normally bigger and trading on a much larger scale than you have the resource to do. There are lots of other companies in the same jungle as you – fighting against those larger companies with more marketing, more control and overall, more power. But remember, size doesn’t always matter.

A lot of the time we find ourselves slap bang in the middle and in this case you need to think big. We all know that business value comes from investing in a CRM but what we want from a CRM is changing.

Years ago before social media and social business sharing tools took over the internet, a CRM was mainly concerned with creating a place to store your contacts and store documents (and it still can be in its most basic form!). CRM never used to be a main business priority but it is estimated that CRM is now in a business’ top 10 software projects to help support growth. CRM has evolved to include sales and after sales support, marketing and specialist business requirements, but what is next?

Natural selection is motivated by changes in the environment, in our case the business environment. While the modules available to build up your CRM are constantly changing, so is the way that we need to access all of this information. A lot of today’s business is carried out outside of the office and this trend looks to continue. There is a major need to access the CRM outside of the office – this could be for your sales reps, if you have an external consultant or for those employees that work from home.

In light of this, until the 24th December, we are offering existing customers the chance to upgrade your network user licenses to a remote license for just £75 plus ALF. We are also offering 2 for 1 on users again, as the last time proved so popular. This covers both extra network and remote users so don’t miss out!