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The top reason SME’s invest in CRM…

By Stuart McLaren on Tue 13 August 2013 in CRM

The adoption of CRM solutions in the SME market has become increasingly popular over the last decade. 


The main reason being the automation of customer interactions and sales transactions.

Anyone who has worked in an SME knows the fast paced, all hands-on deck environment makes up the energetic SME business. You can therefore imagine how popular a system that will automate sales processing, marketing campaigns, and customer communications is when introduced into an SME team.

For the successful SME, CRM has become the hub for centralising customer engagement, integrating these with other systems that drive the business such as back office accounts and email marketing.

But why do SME’s invest in CRM?

1)      Establish data-based metrics for marketing and sales efforts

WHY? This can create quick wins for an SME by identifying the most profitable areas to target and then using these to cross and upsell into.

2)      Proactively communicate with customers

WHY? Marketing departments are increasingly under pressure to personalise messages to win new sales and the rapid pace of the SME environment means it can be challenging to keep on top of these communications. A CRM system can help by centralising data and automating processes to maximise the ROI of time spent on marketing activities.

3)      Arming sales teams with key customer information

WHY? Integrating your CRM to other key business systems means you can arm your sales team with key nuggets of customer information such as their sales history and marketing interactions, increasing their likelihood to winning an opportunity against the competition.