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‘Integrated Email Marketing’; the hidden way email marketing can spike your sales

By Rob Drummond on Fri 11 November 2011 in Email Marketing

Our last post looked at how to get your emails opened and read; not always a simple task! Today’s post looks beyond opens and clicks, at how combining this information with other customer data can give you an invaluable advantage.

Your marketers have spent time preparing your eshot, carefully crafting the subject line, message and audience. Amidst much fanfare, the email was sent, and a handful of responses and leads trickle back. Not as many as you were hoping for.

While your email didn’t directly generate many orders, you could be building a valuable bank of customer information…

Two days after the email…

Julie works in your telesales team, it is her responsibility to chase up initial enquiries, abandoned web baskets and organise data gathering exercises. Before calling John, a potential customer, Julie first has a quick check in the CRM system for a number of important bits of information. From John’s CRM record, she can quickly see:

  • What products he has bought in the past, when he bought them and how much he paid. Julie also notices that while previous orders have been large, John hasn’t placed an order for over a year.
  • A record of all the conversations different members of the team have had with John, including details of a delivery problem with one of John’s orders last year.
  • That John had previously opened a web basket, and added three high value cameras before abandoning the cart.
  • That John opened the email from marketing at the start of the week. She can also see that he clicked through to your cameras page, and that from the email he downloaded your winter brochure.

Do you think Julie’s call to John might be slightly different knowing this information? This is the power of integrated email marketing; collecting all of a customer’s information into a central place, and presenting it in a useful format for your customer-facing teams.

Pulling in the right data

A key part of the scenario above was accounts integration; i.e. pulling in John’s purchase history from your back office accounting system. John was targeted for the initial email because he was a high-value but lapsed customer. He was then flagged for a call from Julie in telemarketing because he responded to the email. Julie was then able to see a record of all John’s previous purchases.

An integrated email marketing solution like this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you use IRIS Exchequer, Pegasus Opera, Access Dimensions or Sage 50 for your accounts, ProspectSoft Email Marketing can pull in your back-office data immediately, without any expensive bespoke work.

If you are still worried about the expense, up until Christmas we are also offering three months of no monthly charges on all Email Marketing solutions. To our knowledge, it is not possible to get started with a truly integrated Email Marketing solution so quickly or cost-effectively.

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