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Airflow streamlines customer experience and reduces lead times using ProspectSoft’s integrated CRM and eCommerce solutions

By Jess Heald on Thu 23 February 2017 in CRM

With more than 33,000 companies and 37,000 divisions on record, Airflow, a major international manufacturer and distributor of air movement solutions was looking to make better use of its database and improve the customer journey. 

We spoke to Paul Carpenter, Operations Director of Airflow, who explained how ProspectSoft has helped integrate business processes for a more informed, seamless customer experience.

“Having recently deployed Exchequer as our accounting software, the ProspectSoft CRM system immediately presented itself as the solution we were looking for,” said Paul. “The integration and ease of use meant we could work with ProspectSoft to develop our business alongside our CRM, which is now incorporated with our payment service system, emails, marketing automation software and, most importantly, our online ordering portal.

“The CRM system facilitates the flow of information between Exchequer and our website, which is also developed, hosted and maintained by ProspectSoft. Online ordering now accounts for 65 per cent of our business; the extent of integration allows our customers to place orders, save orders and repeat orders, which are then sent directly to Exchequer and on to our warehouse.”

Paul continued: “The flexibility of the ProspectSoft software means we could also build in a period of quarantine following the order being placed, whereby a member of the team can check the quantities and either confirm or place a courtesy call with the customer should the order seem out of the ordinary.”

The ability to create and tailor data dictionaries for different user groups within the business, and access system data tables without the need for bespoke programming, was also important. “It’s beneficial when it comes to version upgrades, as there is no conflict with bespoke programming that could lead to system downtime. At the same time, it is flexible enough for us to access the data tables and tweak fields as our business evolves,” commented Paul.

“We have various data dictionaries and user groups so that different divisions of the team can have different access rights. We don’t only use the CRM for customers, but also for suppliers; we therefore use a dictionary to ensure only those within the business that these supply records are relevant to can see them, taking away any unnecessary complexity for others. Ultimately, we’re using one database, one CRM system, to manage all of our supplier and customer data records.”

He concluded: “Since adopting ProspectSoft’s CRM and eCommerce solutions, we have benefited from integrated systems and processes that help cultivate our business culture, share data and promote effective use of time and resources. This has led to a better customer experience, resulted in greater customer loyalty and generated more repeat business.”

If you would like to find out more about how an integrated CRM system can help streamline your business processes and improve your customer relations, contact a member of our team on 01494 486 301 or tweet us @ProspectSoft