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3 reasons why rekeying your orders is a big no-no!

By Jocelyn Davies on Wed 16 August 2017 in CRM

Imagine a world where your sales team doesn’t have to worry about the endless task of rekeying orders, but instead can focus on their job…selling.

But guess what – you don’t have to imagine it, it can become a reality…yes – even if you’re a small business!

An accounts-integrated CRM system allows your sales team to generate quotes with product and pricing data pulled from your accounting system and directly confirm orders into your accounting system with a click of a button.

If you still need some convincing, let me tell you a few reasons why rekeying is a big no-no!

1. It’s costly…to your business – Not having your orders confirm directly into your accounting system costs real time and real money, and by employing someone for administrative tasks like this, it’s going to get expensive. Plus, mistakes are bound to happen! Instead, their time (and your money) would be better spent generating opportunities and building rapport with customers, not processing orders which can be done via an integrated CRM solution.

2. It’s costly…to your customer relationships – Those inevitable mistakes I just spoke about? They’re going to impact on your customers one way or another. Remember – your business should be customer-centric, and by eliminating the huge task rekeying, you’re lessening the chance of human error that’s typically associated with rekeying which could ultimately jeopardise your customer relationships.

3. It’s costly…to your internal communications – Let’s face it, rekeying is a tedious, and quite frankly a boring task for your team to perform day in, day out. As I’ve already mentioned, this will cost you resource, but giving your team tasks like this might even lower staff morale. Without integration to your accounting data, your sales team could potentially be spending hours rekeying orders, when their time could be much better spent doing what they do best – selling! Moral of the story is – work on your internal communications just as much as your business relationships.

By implementing an integrated CRM system, you can manage the order taking process in a much more efficient way that will please your staff, your customers, and your bank balance!