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ProspectSoft champions integrated CRM at the Business Show 2017

By Jessica Heald on Tue 28 November 2017 in Topical

Hear about our highlights from November's Business Show at Olympia, London!

The Business Show 2017 proved the place to be for start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger businesses to come together for peer2peer networking and educational sessions.

Our stand showcased our award-winning integrated CRM solution Prospect 365 whilst also launching its latest integration capability with cloud-based accounts solution, Xero.

Prospect 365 is the most integrated Cloud-based CRM and Trade Portal platform for businesses with accounting solutions Exchequer, Sage, Pegasus, Access, SAP and Greentree and the latest addition, Xero! Through integration with one of these back office accounting solutions, as well as eCommerce, eMarketing and Office 365 functionality as required, Prospect 365 users can pull together all customer information in a single, consolidated view.

Available on an easy to use app, sales data and customer records – detailing engagement across all channels – can be integrated with stock control and accounting, and supply chain operations can be pulled up from anywhere, at any time, ensuring an ‘always on’, seamless service.

Integrated CRM seminars

The Business Show provides organisations the opportunity to run master classes and seminars to discuss all aspects of business from sales through to cyber security. Our CEO, Andrew Ardron, led seminars on both days, discussing integrated CRM for B2B success. The interactive sessions proved to be a hit on both days with the majority of seats filled and some thought provoking questions posed at the end of each session.

Andrew addressed the idea that currently within B2B organisations many of the CRM, eCommerce and accounts solutions that are crucial for businesses to be successful often work in silos, with a heavy reliance on people within the company to work as data integrators. This way of working often results in dual entry and accessing multiple systems and sources of information to service a customer. As a result, customers are demanding more efficient service, with the added complication of access to the same data online so that they can self-serve.

This expectation of accessibility isn’t just reserved for eCommerce offerings; it is also mirrored when a customer chooses to interact with a business either face to face or by phone. They want the person they’re speaking with to have the ability to access their account history information quickly and efficiently. And it stands to reason that siloed systems don’t do this well.

As such, CRM systems can be an invaluable business tool if they are fully integrated with other integral back office solutions including ERP, accounts and eCommerce. Staff and customers alike will have quicker access to the data required to service both simple and more complex customer requests.

To find out more about Prospect 365 and how integrated CRM can help your business, click here!