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ProspectSoft Launches Integration to Cloud Inventory Management Solution, Unleashed

By Jessie Willans on Wed 12 September 2018 in Product Releases



ProspectSoft are delighted to announce our new integration with Unleashed Software

Unleashed’s cloud Inventory Management Solution is designed specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, enabling them to manage their inventory efficiently. With access to real-time inventory levels and reporting, Unleashed users can maximise control and make better decisions based on accurate profit reporting. Unleashed also provides its users with great insight on stock visibility, production costs and product margins.

Integration Benefits with our CRM

By connecting Prospect 365 CRM to Unleashed, valuable customer and stock information like stock levels, customer credit limits, special pricing and sales history is extracted and shared with your customer-facing teams. They can then leverage this information the sales process, allowing them to independently and confidently take orders and generate quotes using our beautiful quote generator, before pushing them straight through to Unleashed to be confirmed. This powerful integration will empower your business, and in turn make your Sales teams more effective and efficient, whilst positively reinforcing an enhanced customer experience.

The powerful integration between ProspectSoft and Unleashed reduces repetitive manual work like re-keying of orders, speeds up information flow and increases accuracy and efficiency.

Find out more about our latest integration with Unleashed here.