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Hate re-keying orders?

By Jessica Heald on Mon 24 September 2018 in CRM

 Fed up with re-keying your orders? Hate managing copious spreadsheets and switching between multiple systems to service your customers? Then look no further…you’ve come to the right place to find out how you can stop using these manumatic, inefficient processes in your business – once and for all! 

B2B sales cycles are unique

If you’re a wholesaler or distributor selling products from stock B2B, you’ll likely have a very complex sales cycle. The unique operational challenges of selling products B2B you face make it difficult for your business to find the right solution which supports growth and encourages profitability.  

Current processes & systems are holding you back

If you have hundreds, or potentially thousands of orders being placed every week, then manually re-keying orders into your accounting system is clearly inefficient, time consuming and error-prone. No matter how careful your team are, they will likely make mistakes when typing these orders back into your ERP system (we’re all human!).
But it’s not just about re-keying orders. 
Our research shows that most B2B wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors struggle to know what’s on the shelves of the warehouse and available to sell. Or, what’s expected to arrive in the next 6 to 8 weeks. 

Why is integrated CRM the answer?

Businesses like this are locking away valuable stock and customer information in their accounting system so that no one, other than the finance or accounts team, can get access. On occasion, they might let the Sales team have limited access, where they can print out spreadsheets of information. This information then quickly becomes out of date. 

By integrating your accounting/ERP system to your CRM system, you get accurate control of your stock. Valuable information about your customers and your stock is placed in the hands of the Sales team, right when they really need it – like when they’re quoting and taking orders. Other customer-facing staff in the business also become better equipped at pivotal points in the sales cycle like support/service. For example, they’re able to access a customer’s sales history to see what they’ve bought before, how many of those items etc., or even sort out an incorrect delivery independently. 
Orders can be confirmed directly into the accounting system by your team without seeing an accounting screen or having any knowledge of the accounting processes. After all – your accounting system is designed for the accounts team, not Sales! 

A Stock-Aware, integrated solution

Prospect 365 CRM is a Stock-Aware CRM system, designed specifically for businesses like yours who have these exact operational challenges. Our unparalleled integration framework to almost any ERP/accounting system, with approved native integration to some of the leading back-office accounting systems including Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera, Sage 50, SAP, Xero and Unleashed, makes Prospect 365 the only CRM for you.  

Is it secure?

Sometimes, a Free Trialist of ours can be a little curious about what security measures we put in place with their data (and rightly so!) when we set up the integration. But rest assured, we take security very seriously.

We’re proud to be ISO 27001 accredited for information security, and ISO 9001 accredited for quality. Being ISO certified means that you can be confident that ProspectSoft conforms to international standards and best practice, and we undergo an independent annual audit to maintain them. 
When we set up the integration, our team create a connection to run an import into your system, which will retrieve customer sales history, any applied special pricing and customer credit limits which the whole business can access. Usually, we’ll need access to your server in order to do this, but once this has been granted, the import can run in the background using APIs. If you’re using a cloud-based accounting or inventory management system like Xero or Unleashed, the integration can be easily set up by yourself. 

Can I have an integrated Free Trial?

If you’re warming to the idea of a Free Trial of our Stock-Aware CRM, then why not ask our team to set up the integration for you? This is something we’d recommend our Free Trialists get configured for the trial period – it’s completely free (no catches!) and allows you and your colleagues who are trialing the platform to see the true value of Prospect 365 immediately. Ultimately, setting up the integration for the trial will help you see how our Stock-Aware CRM is going to make your Sales team ruthlessly effective, and how we’re going to help you transform the efficiency of your whole business.
To take a free trial, sign up here (we offer a complimentary demo when you sign up). If you’d prefer to get a demo before signing up, book in a call with a member of our team here.