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Subscribe to Success: Why Onboarding is Key to Effective Software Adoption

By Chloe Baybutt on Thu 31 March 2022 in Wholesale & Distribution

Whilst onboarding often comes at a price, the long-term RIO to be gained from a quality onboarding experience is undeniable. Have a read of just 3 reasons why onboarding is great for effective software adoption...

“Onboarding? No thanks – I’m sure we can figure it out ourselves…” Sound familiar? Software vendors meet this response time and time again!

Truth is, the onboarding process is actually a major factor in successful software adoption. Yet a primary reason why companies ditch software is because they don’t opt for onboarding and implementation help. Yet poor onboarding and implementation can be just as damaging to successful adoption and usage. 

When the onboarding conversation is broached, it’s easy to think of a ‘death-by-slides’ PowerPoint presentation accompanied by endless hours of monotonous training. But good onboarding packages should be quite the opposite! Whilst onboarding often comes at a price, the long-term ROI to be gained from a quality onboarding experience is undeniable. 

Here are just 3 reasons why onboarding is great for effective software adoption… 

1. Faster Utilisation & Adoption 

One common concern amongst business owners and managers is “will employees actually use the software?”. A structured and tailored onboarding process that puts an emphasis on training employees with a collaborative approach is more likely to guarantee successful adoption and ongoing success.  

Let’s face it – any change in an organisation, especially in an SME, can make employees feel uneasy, so it’s best to accept from the outset that there will be at least some resistance or hesitation. But communication is always key – explaining why onboarding is essential to each department and how it’s going to make their job easier will get them on side and will make the software stick for longer. Note – a quality software vendor should help you get employees on side with the process and demonstrate the value of onboarding early on. 

2. Reduced Staff Frustration 

Setting up more comprehensive software solutions can be time consuming, a bit complex and at times, frustrating. Investing time with an onboarding consultant can dramatically reduce friction amongst the team, as burning questions can be answered 1-1. Getting help from someone who knows the system well, who has set it up before for plenty of businesses like yours, and who’ll get it up and running correctly based on your business processes is always a great way to set off on the right foot with new software.  

3. Increased ROI 

It’s no secret that the right software can boost efficiency, profitability, and growth, so opting in for an onboarding programme should get your whole team on board, right from the get-go. The right onboarding process should help you highlight the areas that are most important to your business and tailor the onboarding approach to meet these goals as quickly as possible.  

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