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5 Reasons for Unleashed Customers to Migrate from Salesforce to Prospect CRM

By ProspectSoft on Mon 21 November 2022 in CRM

Want to save money and use a more fitting CRM for your type of business, that has tighter integration to your Unleashed system – all without disrupting business as usual activities?

When your business demands software that can manage the constantly updating cycle of data that circulates your inventory management system, what use is a CRM that doesn’t put this intelligence at the core of its product?

We’ve seen many Unleashed customers switch from Salesforce to Prospect CRM and reap the benefits of the seamless integration. But why do businesses make the jump?

  1. Save money: Using a system like Salesforce that encourages paid add-ons can quickly become a steep investment, impinging on ROI and the personalised user experience. Why not opt for a system where certain features and functionality aren’t charged for as separate, costly add-ons, and enjoy a better return of investment from day one? Most customers see a saving of significantly more than 50% when they switch to Prospect.
  2. Use a CRM built for product businesses: With a huge reliance on the repeatability of orders, product businesses require a two-way integration process and software with the capacity to monitor more than just customers, quotes, and orders. Prospect is the official CRM for Unleashed because it helps Sales teams become “Stock-Aware” – most other CRMs are built for service-based businesses that sell projects...not products. 
  3. Connect Ops with Sales/Marketing: Eliminate the disconnect between Inventory Management and CRM and start using a CRM that turns Unleashed data into specific insights and suggested actions to increase average order value, order frequency and customer lifetime value.
  4. Grow without limits: Prospect CRM is pre-configured for product-based businesses selling B2B, with extensible features for workflows, configurations and customisations – easily managed for your business as you scale.
  5. Beat your competition – every time: With unique tools like RFM Analysis, The Magic Matrix and P.A.I.G.E. (Prospect AI Growth Engine), you’ll stay more than one step ahead, all the time.

Learn more about why CRM systems like Salesforce don’t work well for B2B Wholesale, Distributor and Manufacturing businesses.

Product businesses are voting with their feet

We now share thousands of joint users with Unleashed, who love the integration between their Prospect CRM system and Unleashed. 

Liz Cockell from ACC Corporate says:

“The migration experience was easy – we were able to create an almost identical workflow so the transition for our staff was seamless. The primary reason we left Salesforce was cost. Using Prospect CRM has essentially halved our expense and is an excellent replacement for CRM software.”

Phil Roach, Director of Staffy Ltd says:

“As a B2B product business, Prospect CRM was a no-brainer for us to switch to from Salesforce as Prospect CRM is made for businesses like ours. The Prospect system is fully aligned to Unleashed, meaning it’s constantly up to date with customer information, product information and real sales data. When our Sales reps go out to meet customers, they now have real-time information at their fingertips using the Prospect CRM app. We’re so much better equipped than we were using Salesforce – and Prospect is a fraction of the cost!”

Working at your pace

Making the transition might sound intimidating, and you may be unsure where to start. But our team of experts are on hand to discuss the migration at your convenience – book a call here to kick off the process.
Don’t be discouraged by...

  • Fear of data loss: Our migration and integration process is thorough to ensure that your historical records remain intact and formatted in a way that’s accessible.
  • Onboarding: With new CRM comes new software onboarding, but rest assured – our onboarding experience won't disrupt your current sales process and is designed to have minimal impact on your daily operations. Hear from those who’ve gone before you here.
  • Process duration: Migrating from Salesforce to Prospect CRM isn’t an instant transition, but once set up with Prospect, you’ll find our Unleashed integration is so good that the ROI argument is a no-brainer.

Phasing your migration

Your shift to Prospect CRM is split into four steps:

  1. Data Export – Save your data from Salesforce to Excel, including your Salesforce Contacts, Leads etc. (even notepad entries if you like!). To simplify your transition, we’ll help you with this process, providing you with a downloadable Salesforce export template to save data out in the best format – ready to import into Prospect.
  2. Unleashed Sync – We’ll connect your brand-new Stock-Aware CRM to your existing Unleashed system. This will run the integration and pull through historic sales data and all your historic Unleashed data.
  3. Data Import – Allow us to populate Prospect with any other data exported from Salesforce.
  4. Configuration – Our team will help you configure your Prospect CRM system to suit your specific business processes, like setting up opportunity pipelines, email templates, and integrated web forms for your website.

Ready to switch? Book a call with our team to discuss your migration from Salesforce to Prospect CRM, or take a trial and connect to your Unleashed.