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Aspen Electronics are a premium UK based distributor, specialising in a wide range of RF & Microwave Components and Test & Measurement Equipment.

"Before Prospect, I was very anti-CRM, but I can now see the real benefits in having one that is adapted to suit your business requirements."

- Howard Venning, Managing Director

Aspen Electronics' Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

We were using an antiquated system which was over 17 years old, and it was time to update it. We had over 5 separate systems which all held important customer information, so we knew we needed to bring all our information into one single place.

We also had no existing CRM system in place, therefore tasks such as making entries more than once through re-keying was time consuming and inefficient. Selling an extensive range of complex products like we do, this was clearly causing problems in the business and for our customers.

The Solution

Both the integration to our accounting system, Exchequer, along with the fact that Prospect can adapt the system to suit your business and customer requirements were what attracted us to Prospect. As a result, we implemented Prospect CRM as we needed a single solution that could operate for both our companies at the time, Aspen and Admiral. Despite merging these companies since, Prospect is still working well for us. We deal with a large, diverse dataset due to the nature of our business, and Prospect CRM has allowed us to manage this in an efficient, effective way.


The team at ProspectSoft are very approachable and responsive. There’s always someone to talk to, and the support team are always trying to solve any problems you may have in a timely manner. Before Prospect, I was very anti-CRM, but I can now see the real benefits in having one that is adapted to suit your business requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Reporting

    Reduce time spent on manual orders and admin to increase the efficiency of the team.

  • Information Retreival

    We’re can easily locate emails and quotes, and being able to view customer sales history and correspondence improves our customer service and efficiency – without this it would have been a very manual task.

  • Database Management

    We are now able to manage our processes much faster than before.

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