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Evolution Packaging Products

Evolution Packaging Products Ltd (EPP) is at the forefront of the packaging industry. They specialise in food-to-go packaging, as well as branded carrier bags.

"With Prospect CRM, the team and I no longer spend excessive amounts of time doing paperwork and now have more time to spend interacting with our customers."

- James Turton, Operations Director

Evolution Packaging Product's Success Story

Pre-Prospect Problems

Before Prospect, we had an accounts and warehouse system all in one and no CRM system. Business functions were very manual and time consuming, with things being written down by hand, meaning mistakes could easily be made when it came to order picking and special pricing. There was lots of paperwork to do, and after spending a year working in the warehouse, I realised we needed a CRM system built for a product business like ours. 

The Solution

When we were looking at other CRM vendors, we couldn’t find a CRM that monitored stock as well as Prospect does. Its integration with Unleashed and Xero – two other replacement best-of-breed systems for inventory management and accounts – is second to none.  

Right from the outset, Prospect made an instant difference in the business. One of Prospect’s best features is its quoting functionality – this side of Prospect is much more efficient than anything else I’ve been able to find. When customers call up asking for the order they placed last week, we can easily pull up their order history, amend any quantities, and upsell any relevant items. 

Prospect CRM’s reporting capabilities is where the system really comes into its own. When you’re dealing with thousands of customers, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of who’s still buying regularly and who’s slipping away. But with Prospect’s built-in RFM analysis, we know what’s happening with our entire customer base – if they’re buying less with us, buying more, or stopped buying altogether. The Sales reps leaderboard shows me how many quotes have been signed off and their associated order values, so I get a full picture of not just what’s happening with our customers, but with the Sales team too. 

Having Prospect and Unleashed integrated has allowed us to run our small, family business efficiently and enables us to compete with the big players, meaning we can concentrate on growing our business. 


Thanks to apps like Prospect, Unleashed and Xero, we haven’t got lost in data, the number of customers, or the conversations that go on. Plus, it’s enabled us to grow pain free. Over the last year we’ve grown over 20% and this year we’re expecting to replicate this – we certainly couldn’t sustain that rapid growth without those systems doing their jobs.  

I’d definitely recommend Prospect CRM and Unleashed to other wholesale and distribution businesses – it just works.  

Key Benefits

  • Prospect Dashboards

    The RFM Analysis is available on the Dashboard immediately, giving us a snapshot of our customers, without having to create more reports.

  • Best-of-breed

    All-in-one systems are often quite mediocre, so adopting software like Prospect which is purely built for CRM and has great integration to the likes of Unleashed and Xero means each vendor is an expert in their field.

  • Cost & Time Savings

    We no longer spend time delving through data to try and figure out what’s going on. Prospect saves us having to dig around to get the answers I’m looking for. Because the software actually does what it should do and its ease of use, the time saving is huge too.

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