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We looked at several CRM systems, but Prospect CRM stood out to us by far. The integration between Unleashed and Prospect CRM works hand-in-hand to provide a real-time picture of what's happening at each moment. Our main goal is to continue growing the business whilst staying true to our brand – without Prospect, this wouldn't be possible.

Prospect is simple, easy to use, and has definitely aided growth in our sales.

John Whiteside, Business Development Manager

Key Benefits

Customer Insights

The Dashboards give us an accurate view of exactly what's happening with our customers at any time, so we can identify when a customer is about to churn.

Integration with Unleashed

It made sense to use two packages that understood each other and joined together. Everything is up to date and in real-time.

Growth Opportunities

The Dashboards flag up opportunities for growth and the integration to Mailchimp allows us to grow sales based on trends in the industry.

Aftersales Management

Being able to record problems against historic products to manage aftersales is key to improving our customer service.

Pre-Prospect Problems

Prior to using Prospect CRM, we were manually inputting all our data – either paper-based or using Excel spreadsheets. This was really complex, and if any alterations were made, there would be multiple copies all over the place. As a result, tracking the history with a customer was unnecessarily difficult and often didn't provide a comprehensive summary. We needed a CRM that took the manual element out and could provide an in-depth insight into our customer base.

The Solution

The unique integration capabilities with our existing Inventory Management tool, Unleashed, gives a comprehensive record of stock levels and customer insight in one, centralised place for the whole team. As data is inputted into Unleashed, it appears instantly in Prospect so that we're always seeing a real-time view of stock levels and allocated stock.

Getting the team up to speed with and using Prospect was easy – within days, the team could competently use the software. Having trialled a variety of CRM systems, we found Prospect to be the easiest and most user friendly.

As a Sales Manager, using Prospect CRM provides me with infinite more power in a fast-growing team. The clean Dashboard provides real-time insight into where sales are going, customers who require more attention, and any orders that should've been placed by now based on purchase history using the built-in RFM Analysis. This level of accessibility enables us to proactively target opportunities and fine-tune areas for improvement to move them in the right direction.

Using Prospect CRM, the customer experience we're able to provide has been transformed. Within seconds, we can view all past correspondence with a customer and provide a service that's reflective of this. Plus, the product knowledge gained helps us to ensure we're pushing the right products to our customers at the right time based on their demand. By drilling into a product line, we can see insights such as who's been purchasing, why something isn't selling, or discover which customers are repeat buyers of the product.

We frequently use the Problems function of Prospect CRM too for aftersales support. We can easily categorise issues and report on them quickly, meaning we're flagged about areas to improve. If a customer has an ongoing issue, Prospect CRM allows us to open a case and all employees can keep track of it until the issue is closed. As a result, customers know their issues will be resolved quickly and competently.

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