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LTT Vending

LTT Vending are the largest independent vending solutions supplier in the UK.

"Prospect has enabled the sales team to focus on processes and more importantly stick to them whilst improving efficiency."

- Jonathan Stannell, IT Project Manager

LTT Vending's Success Story

Pre-ProspectSoft Problems

The business was expanding really quickly and we didn’t have any systems or processes in place that could cope. We needed a solution that was flexible enough to grow with our business. We wanted to increase the efficiency of our processes instead of increasing the size of our workforce. As all our key customer information was stored in our accounting system, integrating to this became a critical requirement of ours.

The Solution 

We initially implemented Prospect CRM to be primarily used by our sales team, as this is where the major growth was. They take regular orders and Prospect allowed them to do this in a quick and efficient manner, removing the need to rekey anything into our accounts system. Since then we have expanded into online sales for retail and trade, taking orders 24/7 whilst providing the same experience as if they had called us.


Prospect has now become the central part of our business. Business processes which used to take 30 minutes now take seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Adaptable Solution

    Flexible and expandable solution.

  • Increased Processes

    Improved our sales processes, helping us cope with growing demand.

  • Greater Efficiency

    Increased efficiency with less time spent on sales admin.

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