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Vantage House

Vantage House offer a wealth of first hand in house confectionary and engineering experience.

"The CRM itself is outstanding - it's very intuitive and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other businesses."

- Malcolm Avison, Managing Director

Vantage House's Success Story

Pre-ProspectSoft Problems

Before we introduced ProspectSoft to the business, we were experiencing many issues surrounding inefficiency. Our existing processe were time consuming, complex and ineffective, and this was starting to negatively impact us on a daily basis. We hadn’t yet found any solution that suited our business needs, so we wrote our own software to compensate. However whilst this worked well, we found we did not then have the time or resources to develop the software to keep pace with our requirements.

The Solution

Initially, we implemented ProspectSoft CRM, and then later the eCommerce solution to complete the package. The integration was, and still is, the driving factor to us adopting the system - we use Exchequer for our accounts, and having orders processed straight through from ProspectSoft to Exchequer was a very attractive feature for us, and suits how our business operates. Implementing the system itself was seamless – we found it a nice easy learning curve, meaning it was quick to adopt and utilise straight away.


The CRM itself is outstanding - it's very intuitive and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other businesses. However, it's not just the quality of the product which makes ProspectSoft a great business to work with. The company does a lot to try and ensure that we get the very most from their products. We really enjoy the weekly customer Webinars which you can watch live or in your own time. ProspectSoft Events always provide a great opportunity to see new intelligent updates, proving very informative and worthwhile. The people are great too - 7 years down the line, the staff are still attentive and easily accessible. The technical staff and our Account Manager always go the extra mile to help us if needed.


Key Benefits

  • General Efficiency

    We’ve seen huge efficiency gains since implementing the system. For example, processing orders that used to take over a quarter of an hour now take a couple of minutes.

  • Integration

    The integration to our accounts solution, Exchequer, is central to our business process now.

  • Accuracy

    With over 12,000 products, a mistyped digit could cause huge repercussions, yet implementing the CRM has meant rekeying is not something we have to spend time doing, and these sorts of errors do not occur.

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