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We’ve officially joined the Xero App Marketplace!

By Jessie Willans on Mon 26 November 2018 in News

ProspectSoft are excited to join the Xero App Marketplace!

Our Stock-Aware CRM, Prospect 365, is the only cloud CRM built specifically for selling products from stock within Xero, and is perfect for manufacturers, wholesalers & distributors!

With Prospect 365 Stock-Aware CRM, you can take your Xero sales and product data and share it with your Sales & Marketing teams, ensuring better targeted marketing, accurate quotes (that can be written back into Xero without re-keying), and more intelligent Customer Account Management. 

Benefits of integrating Prospect 365 to Xero:

  • Produce Quotes and Orders with ease: With Prospect 365 Stock-Aware CRM for Xero, your customer facing staff will produce beautiful quotations and take sales orders using all your Xero managed products, then confirm orders directly into Xero with a click of a button.
  • A Centralised View for Your Whole Team: Pull together all customer information in a single, consolidated CRM view. Unparalleled integration with Xero means your sales team can access all customer history without leaving the CRM interface.
  • Eliminate Re-keying of Orders: By connecting Xero with Prospect 365 CRM, you can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone rekeying, allowing your sales team to spend more time selling.
  • Sales History & Credit Limits:Our Stock-Aware CRM takes all your customer's account information like sales history, special pricing and account details from Xero, empowering you and your team to offer the best possible customer service 24/7.

To find out more about connecting Prospect 365 CRM to Xero, visit our listing in Xero’s App Marketplace here!