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ProspectSoft Finalists at the Computing Technology Product Awards 2019 in Best Software-as-a-Service Provider!

By Abigail Shevlin on Thu 12 September 2019 in News

ProspectSoft are delighted to announce that we are a finalist for Computing's Technology Product Awards 2019 in the Best SaaS Provider Category.

ProspectSoft are delighted to place as a finalist at Computing’s Technology Product Awards 2019 in the Best SaaS Provider category. The awards primarily focus on recognising firms within the technology industry that set themselves aside from the norm, providing innovation and talent through differing functions. The Best Software-as-a-Service Provider category highlights the importance of high levels of integration that SaaS businesses implement, as there is a continual increase in businesses adopting the Cloud platform. 

Prospect CRM has unparalleled integration to a variety of leading accounting and inventory management systems including Unleashed and Xero. This diminishes the need for Sales & Marketing teams to delve into these financial/operations systems to search for information that should be instantly available during the sales process. With this unparalleled integration offering to business’ back-office systems, ProspectSoft delivers a unique experience to users by amalgamating all of the vital information needed when it comes to being “Stock-Aware” and knowing exactly what is happening with all customers. 

The Technology Product Awards 2019 will take place at The Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch, London on 29th November 2019 - we will be looking forward to hearing the final result!