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The no.1 tip that will help you increase your online sales

By Victoria Dyke on Thu 24 April 2014 in Web & eCommerce

Last year it was reported that B2B eCommece sales were more than twice the size of B2C, smashing all predictions in 2013.

The websites consumers love (and the ones they don’t)

By Francesca Firth on Thu 24 April 2014 in Web & eCommerce

An online retailer’s success can be measured in a number of ways. If you look at volume of sales for example then you would see the likes of Argos,, Tesco and of course Amazon UK stealing the top spot of the Brits most popular online retailer.

Debenhams profit falls by 24.5%

By Fiona Ness on Thu 24 April 2014 in Topical

Debenhams may be the second largest department store in Britain, however their recent profit figures tell a different story.


Improve your business efficiency in 6 simple steps

By Victoria Dyke on Thu 10 April 2014 in CRM

We meet loads of different SMEs, in loads of different industries. Unsurprisingly, the more SMEs we meet, the clearer the similarities in business operations become.

The UK’s manufacturing industry grows by 3.8%

By Fiona Ness on Thu 10 April 2014 in Topical

It was announced this week that the UK’s manufacturing industry has seen a growth of 3.8% since February last year. This is the fastest growth of the industry in over two and half years.

4 steps to make more time for your small business

By Francesca Firth on Wed 09 April 2014 in CRM

Small businesses are great! Our years of experience working with SMEs in a wide variety of industries has taught us that the biggest problem SMEs face is, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

Have Morrisons missed the boat for trading online?

By Fiona Ness on Tue 18 March 2014 in Topical

Morrisons hit the headlines for a couple of reasons at the end of last week. But their reported loss of £176 million was perhaps the BIG news as we are about to see some rather interesting changes in competition amongst the big supermarket retailers!

SEO Part 4: Thinking outside your site

By Francesca Firth on Mon 03 March 2014 in Web & eCommerce

The last in our series of SEO best practice articles... 

SEO Part 3: Getting the foundations right and developing your architecture

By Francesca Firth on Mon 03 March 2014 in Web & eCommerce

SEO can be broken down into 2 main categories, on and off site...

SEO Part 2: Content is King

By Francesca Firth on Mon 03 March 2014 in Web & eCommerce

Once your site is built for SEO it is important to get the content right. Website content should be updated on a regular basis. If Google’s spiders see that your information has been left to go stale they will not visit as often causing your position in the rankings to slide. But what content do you need to put on your site?

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