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5 ways to optimise your employee’s LinkedIn profile [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Rachel Pitman on Mon 24 August 2015 in Marketing

The world of social media has given companies the ability to increase their reach, generate trust and engage with potential prospects...

The world of social media has given companies the ability to increase their reach, generate trust and engage with potential prospects. Companies can share their voice through their professional accounts but also, and arguably more importantly through their employee’s personal accounts.

Each employee has influence in their own unique social network. The more employees that can share you company’s messages in a consistent way, the more opportunities will be created. Leveraging your professional brand in this way can help build a pipeline and in turn begin your social selling journey.

So how can you begin to optimise your employee’s LinkedIn profiles?

1 Company Branded Banner

Consistent company branding across social media platforms is key to a professional presence. When someone lands on your social media, you want them to know straight away that they are interacting with your company right? Take the same stance with your employee’s accounts on LinkedIn. Creating a branded LinkedIn banner is both quick and free using

2 Professional Picture

Having a professional, approachable profile picture will help set the right first impressions with your connections. Why not get your camera savvy friend to take some headshots of all your staff for their profiles? LinkedIn’s research also shows that accounts with profile pictures are 14 times more likely to be viewed than those who do not (see LinkedIn blog here:

3 Headline

After your picture, this is likely to be the second aspect of your profile that connections will notice. The headline on your LinkedIn profile should be thought of as your value proposition tag line*. How do you solve your customer’s problems? Let them know here, and be succinct.

4 Custom Keyword Links

Linking your company’s website to an employee’s LinkedIn profile improves the page rank of your websites. Brand the anchor text used by selecting ‘other’ instead of ‘website’ and using your company name or keywords relating to what your company does.

5 Custom Vanity URL

When you first set up a LinkedIn profile you are given a default URL. You can customise this URL to make it more SEO friendly and easier for people to find you from your business card. Customise the vanity URL with your name; if you have a common name, add a middle initial or number.

Spend a little bit of time implementing these tips and see the benefits for yourself.

*Value proposition tag line – providing your audience with a brief insight into what you do and the services you offer as an employee.