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5 of the best #BizTips on the internet

By Fiona Ness on Tue 09 June 2015 in Marketing

#BizTips – a way for businesses and individuals to categorise their tips, advice and suggestions on social media.

For you that means an influx of free advice – great, the problem is there’s a lot of it! Which is why we decided to save you a job by shortlisting our top 5 #biztips on the internet.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but take a look and if you think we’ve missed anything let us know:

  1. The 7 sales time wasters [Infographic]
    Everyone wastes time at work, but this infographic serves as a helpful reminder as to where you’re wasting time but really shouldn’t be. Especially in your sales process, time is of the essence. Take a look and if you’re guilty of anything you read… change it.
  2. Mobilegeddon one month on
    You probably remember Google’s change in algorithm at the end of April to favour mobile friendly websites. There was a fair amount of debate over the impact this would actually have, if you’re still guessing this article from Econsultancy is worth a read. Spoiler alert: you do still need a mobile friendly website.
  3. 7 Clever & Effective Out-of-Office Replies to Try
    It’s that time of year again when out of offices are starting to flood into my inbox, probably the reason this article caught my attention. Let’s be honest, your standard out of office is boring and just clutters up your inbox. These templates will help you make sure your out of office serves a purpose. There’s a template for almost any role so take a look.
  4. Is your office built for efficiency?
    Don’t worry, this article isn’t just about building a nice space for your team to work in or investing loads of money. Take a look at the 5 areas of management that claim to improve the efficiency of your team. Ultimately an efficient workforce leads to higher productivity and that benefits your business, so they way I see it there’s no reason to not at least take a look.
  5. Why now is the time to prepare your IT workforce for cloud mobility
    We talk to a lot of businesses about the cloud, it’s either greeted with excitement or a look that kind of says that seems like a big change. The thing is the demand for reliable mobile working is only getting bigger and the cloud can offer you this. Luckily this article does a great job of taking a measured approach when making the move. No need to jump in head first.

Although we love #BizTips we appreciate that it can be hard to find tips that are directly linked to your business’ needs. If this is the case for you why not have a chat with one of our consultants? We specialise in improving the efficiency of your business through integrated systems and processes. Plus we want to have a chat about your business, not just a business.