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Phablets account for 21% of smartphone sales in Q1

By Jess Heald on Mon 11 May 2015 in Topical

It was recently announced that there is a new hybrid in town taking the US smartphone market by storm – the phablet, and let’s be honest, if it’s happening there it won’t be long before we go crazy for it too. 

The Guardian reported that the latest figures indicate phablets are ‘four times more popular in the west this year than last as the Asian trend for big phones spreads’. But what is classed as a phablet? Well, according to recent data conducted by research company Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, phablets are defined as smartphones with screen sizes 5.5in or larger. They’re basically a smartphone with a screen size that is midway between your usual smartphone and a tablet. So, if you recently purchased an Apple iPhone 6 Plus, then you’re a proud owner of a phablet. This particular smartphone device has secured a huge 44% of phablet sales in the US so far. The forecasted figures are looking positive too – according to Business Insider, phablet shipments will hit 1.5 billion in 2019, and are the fastest growing smartphone category we have seen yet.

All major smartphone manufacturers started to launch phablets at the end of last year and in the first quarter of 2015, including Apple (iPhone 6 Plus), Google (Nexus 6), Samsung (Galaxy Note 4), Nokia (Lumia 1320) and LG (G3). But why is any of this relevant? Well, the rise in popularity of the phablet means that the smartphone market as a whole is only getting bigger. This, coupled with Google’s new search algorithm update in late April and Ecommerce week reporting that ‘mobile shippers in Europe spent £19.8 billion in 2014, means it is now vital for SMEs to ensure that their site is mobile friendly. If that isn’t enough for you, the forecasted figures look promising too – consumers are predicted to spend a huge £14.95 billion through mobile devices alone in 2015.

What do you need to do?

Hopefully from the surge in online spending from mobile devices it’s clear – your site needs to be responsive. But that’s not all. Whilst your customers want to be able to access your website from a variety of devices, they also want convenience. Part of their desire for convenience is addressed through a responsive site, but the other part involves you offering the same experience online that your customers currently receive offline – if not better. Practical Ecommerce have stated that ‘the single best thing you can do to maximise customers and conversions driven by mobile web search is to offer a mobile-friendly site. But in addition to this, customers are demanding convenience as well as accessibility. This advice would suggest that mobile is definitely worth investing in as mobile spending is on the up. To remain competitive in your industry it is vital that your website meets these customer needs.

Not only do we offer responsive websites designed to work across a number of devices but our websites will help your business run more efficiently whilst offering your customers the convenience they want.

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