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5 steps to get your team to adopt your CRM

By Jess Heald on Tue 28 April 2015 in CRM

User adoption is arguably the single biggest obstacle to successful software implementation. One of the most common questions we get is ‘how will I get my sales reps to use this?', and it appears this question is often a common reason for not investing. 

However, in 2014 it was recorded that 82.9% of organisations use CRM specifically, indicating positive growth in adoption rates.

That means if you’re still not using a CRM you’re by far in the minority. The fact that you can’t get Bob who’s been in sales for 15 years to use it is not a good enough excuse anymore. Plus, we’ve got 5 steps that will help change Bob’s opinion and get your team using the CRM you’ve invested in:

  1. Training
    It’s absolutely vital that in order for staff to get used to the system, they need to understand the system. Without training, employees will lack the necessary understanding and knowledge to make use of the CRM system and allow you to see the benefits. Not only should there be enough training at the start of the implementation, but ongoing training will ensure that the CRM is still meeting your business needs.
  2. Get the MD using it
    A study conducted by Koh and Maguire (2004) identified that in order for employees to take the new system seriously, it’s important that key decision makers in the business including the Managing Director use it, and that they are seen to proactively use it on a daily basis. Leadership, commitment and involvement throughout is key. Without this driving force and management buy-in, employees will feel no real need to use the CRM you’ve invested in.
  3. Integrate with other key systems
    If your system acts as a standalone system there will be no benefit to your employees when using it. No one wants a new system that acts completely independently of their existing processes. Integrating your CRM to your back office accounts and other key systems and applications such as Outlook means that not only will it be more efficient, but employees will adopt the CRM more enthusiastically.
  4. Make it mobile
    Sales reps need customer information to hand, and need the ability to update information on the go. “Today’s sales teams use a range of smart devices, such as tablets and iPads, on a daily basis,” says Gary White, the CEO of White Springs. “They expect to have access to information while on the move. And of course it makes them more effective if they can [access the CRM software] while out of the office, to help them close a deal.” So ensure that the CRM solution you deploy is mobile-device friendly.
  5. Keep it simple
    For a CRM system to be adopted positively within the business, everyone needs to be able to understand it. A CRM with a clear layout and process to follow will ensure people aren’t put off just by looking at it.

Everyone knows that you should lead by example, but to be honest if you show a commitment to your CRM investment and ask your sales team to do the same, even for a month, I guarantee they’ll be hooked. Why? Because their whole sales lives are now stored in the database that at the beginning they swore they would never use. They’ve become reliant on it in just 1 month, so imagine what they’ll be like in 6 months, a year, or when someone new starts and they need showing the ropes.

ProspectSoft CRM offers unparalleled integration to Sage 50, Pegasus Opera, Exchequer and Access meaning we’ll never deploy a CRM system that works independently of your existing systems and processes. Plus, our mobile friendly offering means that whether your team are working from home, the office, a service station or a beach in Miami they will be able to access up-to-date customer and business information.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a CRM system, why not get in touch with one of our consultants to see if ProspectSoft CRM is right for you?