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1 change that will make you more sales

By Victoria Dyke on Mon 09 February 2015 in Sales

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, 71% of sales executives spend more time than is required on administrative tasks.

In fact, one report highlights that on average sales rep spends equal amounts of time selling as they do on administrative activities (Pace Productivity Inc).

This would be fine if administrative tasks had a positive impact on sales, but they don’t. Every piece of research points to the same conclusion. Successful sales reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on their actual job… selling. These reps automate and standardize processes so less of their time is spent on non-profit making activities and more of their time spent selling.

So how can you achieve this with your sales reps?

It’s simple. Integrate you back office accounts to your front of office solution.

Why? Because true integration will create seamless and efficient processes that will…

  • Eliminate the time consuming (and error prone) rekeying of orders
  • Ensure customers receive accurate quotations from up to date price lists
  • Provide reps with access to key product and customer account information such as stock levels and credit limits

Ultimately bringing your core business and customer data in to one central location will reduce the time your sales team spends on administrative tasks, freeing up more time to focus on their key role, which will inevitably result in more sales.

Integrating your current business systems is often approached with caution, it sounds like a big job and there’s no guarantee that it will pay off. The thing is, if your systems aren’t integrated then there is one thing I can guarantee, your sales team aren’t selling nearly as much as they could and should be.

ProspectSoft CRM makes this move to an integrated business easy, offering unparalleled integration with Access Dimensions, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera and Sage 50 accounting systems. Eliminating the admin tasks that soak up your sales team’s valuable time.

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