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4 reasons why I prefer shopping online for my business

By Fiona Ness on Fri 31 October 2014 in Web & eCommerce

Online shopping in a B2C environment has soared, my bank balance alone is proof of that. However even at work I would much rather place my orders online than over the phone. That puts me amongst 30% of B2B buyers who use online shopping for at least half of their orders, but why?

  1. I can shop when and where I want

This doesn’t just mean from the comfort of my sofa, glass of wine in hand. I like having the option to shop at a time that suits me. Having to shop between 9 – 5 (in business or personally) is inconvenient (I work 9-5), especially when I could just do a quick google search and find somewhere to buy online.

  1. There’s more choice and products are easier to find

The thought of calling and having to describe the product I want, or wandering aimlessly round a shop looking for something fills me with dread. What makes this even worse is that after all that effort there’s no guarantee that the product will be in stock. Online lets me do a quick search for what I need, if it’s in stock great, it’s added to my basket and I’m done.

  1. I don’t have to see or speak to anyone else

Admit it, you can relate to this one as well.

It’s not that I don’t like other people, but sometimes I just want to put what I need in a basket and buy it. Shopping online gives me this option.

  1. I can pay in almost one click

How many times have you given your payment details on the phone, had it read back to you with an incorrect number and had to go through the whole process again? Another reason I prefer online shopping. My payment and delivery details are all stored in one place. Once I’m happy with what’s in my basket I can quickly double check these details if needed and checkout. I’m done within seconds.

Ultimately online shopping is just far more convenient.

Not only can I shop when and where I choose, rather than being limited to opening times and location, but websites tend to know me better than any telesales or sales assistant could

In B2B this is even more the case. I can access my on and offline sales history, see my own account pricing and preferred delivery addresses. Plus I can do all this at a time convenient to me, not during my opening hours when I am serving my customers.